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  1. Great film but no hd, download Cyberlink PowerDirector 8 and then give me a shout for a 'special' code. Its dead easy to use, even a buffoon like me can use it and it keeps everything in perfect HD and uploads it directly to youtube! Malc
  2. Tis rather sweet that, most people won't walk near it though, shame about the leaking roof that we have to fix and the full rewire we have to shell out for!! Hey ho!
  3. Damn, they actually did show my prop strike, it probably looked to most of the world like a lovely 2 feet landing but it was a prop strike and aborted take off, clever editing! I'm off to HUG the mrs now, see ya! Malc
  4. Hi Chaps Watch the programme this Thursday night and you'll see me buying a cottage but you might also see a bit of paramotoring, they did film quite a bit but the main feature was supposed to be me taking off, I got 4 foot off the ground and crashed and that was it so I'm not sure how much they'll show! Enjoy Malc
  5. That's good to hear Dan, great when something positive comes from a tragedy. I can't make the fly in this weekend but would still like to make a donation on Mike's behalf and if someone can PM me his address then I'd like to write to Jackie. Cheers Malc
  6. Malcs

    GoPro SD cards

    I got a Lexar 16gb Class 4, cheaper make but works perfectly!
  7. Yes Alan A light aircraft could pick up some debris and throw it at some poor paramotorist innocently flying in soft conditions without a reserve on board! sorry mate, couldn't resist
  8. So do I Alan, still think you need your head sorted for not carrying one, I fell out of the sky in 2mph conditions a couple of weeks ago, sure a reserve wouldn't have made a jot of difference at that height but who knows what can go wrong. What about if someone like me was falling to earth and my prop did some origami practice on your wing on the way down?
  9. http://files.me.com/aylesbury/xszn94 Note the 3rd placed Brit only had his first flight 14 months ago! And we have a female British champ if confirmed!
  10. I fly with one, I honestly think you'd be nuts not to. Far too many people have died or been seriously injured when a reserve would have prevented it, its only a couple of kilos!
  11. I'm sure my Jen will do a bit of breakfast cooking, then again I probably could as I doubt very much I'll be flying now!
  12. and its hurting a bit more today too, I had one of those speed choice courses today to avoid getting 3 points on my driving license, I could barely get up when it came to leave, tail bone or coccyx is a bit dodgy so I'd better get it checked out. Personally I still don't believe there's anything wrong with the hangpoints, I've flown with them 22 times in that position. True to say I've put on weight over the last few months but that would mean I should look at moving the hang points forward to the last hole, not further back. I normally fly with either a flight suit or big jumper and have the shoulder straps completely slack and this is fine, perhaps as I was only wearing a shirt I should have tightened them a bit for this flight. My other opinion is that it was completely my error and that I was simply leaning back desperate to get in my seat as I generally have problems getting in it later if I don't do it quickly after take off. 70% of the time it pops up under my arse as soon as I'm airborne, it didn't feel quite right on Saturday and felt like I was going to hang by my nads if I leant forward. I know now that if I'd leant forward I'd have begun climbing, its obvious but some mental thing in my brain was telling me to lean back as if to thrust myself away from the ground. I don't think either that I had quite enough ground speed when I took off but that can't be what contributed to the crash. I'll get it all fixed, get on the hang rig, do a bit of ground handling and then have a bit of assistance and radio guidance to get going again, not giving up yet but I don't want to go through that again. Strange, I got good at this last year and all 3 attempts this year have had troubles. Cheers Malc
  13. Tis a bit buggered and bent. Frame is pretty bashed and kinked, petrol tank is finished, prop will make great kindling for my new log burner, exhaust needs straightening, air box needs refitting and netting needs replacing. Apart from that it's immaculate! But hey ho, its a piece of machinery and took all the first impact and part of the 2nd, hard to believe I'm walking today or typing even!
  14. I could do that myself Simon, just couldn't be arsed! Am aching a bit now, was ok when I got up apart from a funny ankle but now that tail bone is smarting a bit! Onwards and upwards, or not as the case may be!
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