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  1. God bless you Pete, enjoy the unrivalled fantasy of plenty of nurses visiting you in bed, even if they are telling you what to do! Ps don't set yourself on fire! Get well soon Simon
  2. Lighten up, my friend. it was a lovely little joke. Without which we are all glum. well done all Simon
  3. This is what you need for the mini 2 plus http://www.woodauto.com/Component.aspx?Ref=STR62007 Simon
  4. Hello - you ! were you the pilot flying over Shepreth , near Royston a few weeks ago, Just wondered as It would be good to meet up perhaps and Fly together is there anyone flying near Cambridge Royston, or am I ... all by myself Simon from Fowlmere
  5. Hello Flyers, I have a spare ticket, that will teach you how to fly better if anyone is up for it. This location is girlfriend/wife/lover friendly. I am bringing mine oops! Please let me know if you are interested send me a PM http://www.jockysanderson.com/escape/js2/index.php/calendar/turkey-siv-11.html should be fun or you die, either way it will be exciting Simon
  6. That really is an incredible feat - very well done and congratulations to you all Simon
  7. Hello, Herts people, my kit resides near fowlmere aerodrome, is anyone else here of do i need to venture to essex? thanks Simon
  8. I put a test bailey hornet on my back, previously I have had simonini mini 2 plus a hirth monster moster 185 on my back testing the power the bailey power was devastating, my knees started shaking, it felt a good 20% more powerful than anything else. I simply could not hold the power leaning over, I had to hold the wall, even then it felt like giant haystack was crushing me into a wall. well done Paul
  9. Hi Christian, Your technique for lift off is obviously good, well done! I am only trying to establish user experience of power to weight ratio. You will on occasion come across some lift and enjoy the free ride up. However just outside the lift is sink. when you are being drilled to the ground by sink and pull the throttle to full power, sometimes you wish you had more. Kind Regards Simon
  10. Hi Pete, do you fancy using your test rig for said purpose. I will prepare my passport, if it is located in Wales? cheers Simon
  11. Good morning Gentlemen / Women Whilst at the Summer flyin in Oxfordshire, I was speaking with Whitters about how happy he was with his Bailey V5. I thought to myself he will never have enough thrust to launch. Not only did he launch, worse still people were telling me he was climbing out with speed and vigor. I call upon all you dealers / enthusiasts. Please can someone in central England. offer the use of their thrust rig to test thrust and then weight. We can then publish the results to the forum I think my beast is a thrusty one , but who knows until its tested. Do you know of anyone with the equipment, who may be willing to host, on an ongoing basis Would it be portable (a flyin could be a good place for a start) Its also worth testing the same machine belonging to different people, as it will highlight a poor setup Ultimately this will make choosing your next machine easier Kind Regards Simon
  12. Just wondered are you buying direct from the USA, if so which engine? Also what is the price with import duty? They have a new 175 CC motor out with fairly high claims on thrust. Is that the one your buying? Good luck Simon
  13. Oh slapper, I do love it when you talk dirty.
  14. sorry for your woe. Next time on your syth keep actively pushing the A risers strongly forward out in front of you (6 inches) beyond your forehead and the wing will settle overhead. at which point RLF Simon
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