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A club for Parajet owners, advice, pics, items for sale and so on. When we get enough people in this group, I will gladly arrange a Parajet Owners fly-in / get together :-) :-)
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  2. Hi Simon, this sound cool. just the day or a stop over?
  3. Hello, I am currently still in the flight school. I would like to buy a used Maverick after completing my training. I have an offer for a Parajet Maverick Sport built in 2018 with Vitorazzi Moster plus. Air time 60 hours. What would you be willing to pay for it if you didn't have one yet? Thanks a lot I look forward to your answer Joerg Ps. Does anyone else sell a harness for the Maverick in size L
  4. There's a huge difference in grades of Ti too (grade 2, grade 9). And there's really no way to know that. So at the end of the day I'm just going to be picking one out the hat. But it would be nice if someone could give me the outside diameter, as that be a good starting point.
  5. I recently bought Ti tube from Ti-shop.com and they have lots of wall thickness choice. https://www.ti-shop.com/catalog/category/view/s/titanium-grade-2-tubes/id/227/
  6. Also if someone could answer this too: When the propeller is in the vertical position, are the tips equal distance from the outer ring? It almost looks like from the way the engine mounts look, that the engine is tilted forward. Towards the top of the net.
  7. True. Anyone have a clippers handy? But if I decide to go with AHSS steel with 3/4in outside diameter...where I'm getting it only has one choice for wall thickness, .065". So I'm kinda stuck either way.
  8. You also need the wall thickness as there are many different gauges of tube.
  9. Hi y'all I know some people may frown at this, but I'm going to build my own frame. I want to base it off the Maverick. My question is, is there anyone out there that would measure their frame and tell me the outside dimensions of the two different sized titanium tubes that the Maverick is constructed of? Quentin
  10. Dates are 19th 21st of April (easter weekend) I will be putting the event page for RSVP up early Jan. SW
  11. I wonder how many of the people in this group are planning on attending the Bore chasers in March and if there would be enough of us to take one of those awesome pics (like the one that was taken at the summer one) Are you coming to the event? SW
  12. Fellow aviators, I am visiting Cornwall and Malvern in the next weeks, brief stop in Oxford. As a non local V3 Flyer looking for flying sites, any recommendations welcomed. Dave
  13. LOL I am sure between the (4) so far we can eat a 6 pack at least. I get that most people will be busy that weekend being so close to Xmas, but for those who are not I though it would be nice If we don't get more than say, another 5 people... maybe we just turn it into a fly followed by a pub lunch SW
  14. I'll be there! Do they do mince pies in packs of 1? Steve Parajet V3 Top 80, Syth2.
  15. All (members of this group / actual Parajet owners) I would like to invite you all to a Parajet owners club Xmas party at Membury airfield on Saturday the 16th of December. This is not a champagne event, more like some people with a common interest in a damp field in the hope it will be flyable talking Pre Xmas Para Bollox I will provide: Warm Mince pies (essential sugars and fats) & Mulled Wine (for after the flying of course), And arranged and guided local XC flight of the sights and a small 'surprise' Xmas gift for those who attend Assuming it's flyable, I will have ready to test fly, Zenith's with the 80 LC and Moster+ 185, and Mavericks with the EOS 100 or the moster 185. And Dudek universal 1.1's size 25.5 28, and 31. These can all be offered on a break it pay for it basis. Please do reply here if you fancy it so I know how many mince pies I will need! SW
  16. We now have a small amount of stock of the Parajet Maverick with the 185 moster + engine, cooling shroud, e-prop upgrade, and a travel case to put it in. Full warranty, supplied by ME. (A Parajet dealer & stockist for over 10-years) (stock photo below, actual unit has not been unpacked to take pics but has the E-prop, cooling shroud and travel case NEW** £5633 COLLECT TODAY!!!!! SW 07983 428 453 (any time up until 21:30 daily)
  17. Most likely to be somewhere near Parajet so we can buzz them on mass!!! lolol SW

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