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  1. e2vdavidb

    Special Tool

    Thingy file updated as it was a bit on the small side. Screwdriver is a bit harsh on paint, maybe I´m being a bit of a tart but I´m very fussy with that sort of stuff Anyhow happy with the final part and it will go in the Parajet tool bag.
  2. e2vdavidb

    Special Tool

    Got it My fingers are to fat to press them below the depth for an easy disassemble. Normally I´m looking for something lying around to press it and decided to make a ´tool´ with a tag to keep in the cage bag. If you have a mate with a printer its a 30 min print. Dave
  3. e2vdavidb

    Special Tool

    Can you guess what this special tool is for Clue is the larger hole is for a key chain tag, its approx 30 x 15 x 5mm. Designed for Parajet pilots..... If you fly a V3 may be interesting to get a friend with a 3D printer to make you one, files here. https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:3638210 Have fun Dave
  4. e2vdavidb

    PPGPS and iOS

    Andy Thanks I guess I will need to do the same if I want to use it then For now I´ll carry on with Flyskyhy and try harder with its offline maps. Dave
  5. e2vdavidb

    Radio and Comms

    MP002 cable ordered through Microavionics.de Now come on sunshine! Dave BTW Eddie, 1 small point, why do the PM100 ship with large plastic bolt? Luckily I had the correct one from the headset with the rubber grommet.
  6. e2vdavidb

    PPGPS and iOS

    Hi Tech flyers. I recently bought the PPGPS as it looks cool, thanks Paul. I was/am using flyskyhy and have had some problems with offline maps so was looking for an alternate. Now I find the iOS version does not seem to support off line maps but maybe I am missing a trick? Any ideas from anyone using PPGPS on iOS device? Dave
  7. e2vdavidb

    Radio and Comms

    Eddie Thanks for feedback seems logical. All installed and just looking for a weather window now to test it out. I will order my Motorola cable now so I´m fully enabled. Dave
  8. e2vdavidb

    Radio and Comms

    Hi Eddie I ended with the FTA550L as good a good offer at the Aero expo this year. I would like to use a 2nd radio, Motorolla T80 PMR, and see there is a option for 2nd radio cable. Not much in the way of manuals or guides so how does this work? Are both radios enabled or is it 1 at a time? How does the PTT work? I have the Yaesu for airband to be airspace aware but want to use the PMR for pilot to pilot or pilot to wife. Maybe there is a good guide somewhere but I dont see it from the site. Dave
  9. e2vdavidb

    Radio and Comms

    Update Yaesu 550 radio arrived. Microavionics PM100 also arrived. Audio quality very good and worked out of the box. BT setup easy and no problems pairing my old iPhone 6s. Music quality much better them my Sena system so I think you get what you pay for. I will add a 2nd PMR radio for pilot to ground crew (read wife) and happy the Microavionics can manage this with just a cable.
  10. e2vdavidb

    Skyflar Strobe

    Yahoo it arrived today! I did RTFM but still powered it up in the house, that sucker is mad bright! Now mounted and really happy with my purchase, its super solid and setup really quick. I will run it from a LiPo and keep the battery and switch in the Parajet V3 side pocket. When its not so late I'll get some fit pics. Dave
  11. e2vdavidb

    Breaking in a My19 Moster185

    Dan I did much the same with my Moster and V3 to the amusement of the neighbours! Probably something not to do on a Sunday morning and get a good set of ear defenders. I also need to break in my MY19 as just fitted a new new to my Scout and will do it on my back at the airfield this time. Its not such a big deal and the cycles are fairly short just find something you can lean into as on the full power you will need support. I was also watching CHT like a hawk not it never went above 160C (I have the head duct and sure it helps keep it cool). Don't skimp on the 2T oil, I am still running 40:1 as in the engine manual, plugs are cheep and easy to change.
  12. e2vdavidb

    Wasp Chase Cam

    Nice video, looking forward to getting back up with it.
  13. Chaps I received my Wasp chase cam this week, nice quick delivery to Germany. Looks solid and fit for the job and very much looking forward to taking out to play on my next flight Thanks to Paranoob for the tip. Dave
  14. e2vdavidb

    Tacho reccomendation

    Hi I posted some info on this a while back: http://www.searon-tech.com/product_view.asp?id=158 Looks nice and I run with external battery, info on the old post search for Searon.
  15. e2vdavidb

    Radio and Comms

    Thanks for info, I'm based near Munich and never herd of Nvolo before. Do you have a link so I can take a look? The Yaesu seems solid, I was lent one last week but marginally big, that said if I go to the 550 I can swap out with my Garmin GPS as it has that function and can live on my flight deck. Short term I am waiting feedback from German Microavionics team (also no feedback from UK team) for the headset, i already have a good helmet so just the PM-100 with BT. Now however I will take a look, it i find it, at the Nvolo option.