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  1. Good luck, I will be back in Oxford from August so lets see if we can fly together. Dave
  2. until

    I´ve had to give up my place I´m coming over from Germany but the 10 day quarantine stops me being able to attend. I´ll have to suffice with some solo flying.
  3. until

    Getting closer.... Is there any format to the event, my 1st. As its starts friday is the goal a full Friday Flyday? If so I´ll come Thursday and stay locally so I get a good start. My wife is looking for local B&B although my dad is excited to spectate from his camper.
  4. I did and fairly sure i got it from Parajet. I now also hold a spare in my kit box along with pipe. Dave
  5. Tony im back in Munich now till March but will be back in time for the Cornwall run so looking forward to seeing you again for a fly. Maybe I´ll christen a new wing at the event Looking at the BGD Luna 2 as will hand my Wasp to my son and been super happy with my BGD. Dave
  6. I can also recommend Davidstow as a most beautiful place to fly. Paramotor membership is very good value and even as a backup membership opens a lot of great potential flights. And the chaps there are friendly and almost as soon as your aloft you get to see the north coast!
  7. Same in O,Ford after a week of shaking all the leaves down
  8. Next weather window perfectly timed to hit the new Covid lock down I guess probability of flying again this year is now over. Lets hope the Covid fuse works. Dave
  9. Managed a fly today. Fairly windy and hit some rotor off the bouncy hedge on final but no real problems, on my feet just could have been cleaner. Now waiting on a delivery of Motol 800
  10. Thanks Tony, am around Davidstow following weekend although long term forecast does not look so great but still time for that to change! Dave
  11. Manager good tact the local rugby pub facilities manager who was super friendly. As long as I register and give contact info, I assume in the case of a problem, he was ok for me to use their well groomed field. Around 3pm I did so in some gusty and lumpy conditions but still a great location and good to get aloft. If your looking North where and how far? Dave
  12. Not feeling the fellow flyer bonding, I was hoping to get some flying in and seems no one around Oxford want to share a flight site with a fellow flyer.
  13. Hi all, Friday and Sunday are looking like a good chance for flying at least next Oxford. Can anyone please give me a pointer to a open flying site near South Oxford. The Cowley location looks good but struggling to get any hard contact for permission and don't want to chance it and bigger up someones field. Dave
  14. Austria is very close to Germany as far as restrictions. Another non-paramotor friendly place but not completly locked. You will need to find approved flying places and will require a recognised qualification. Not sure about pre-registration but in Germany it is possible to apply for a temp permit and as they are fairly hand in hand I assume the same. Very Paragliding friendly though!
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