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  1. Stu my old Vivioactive 3 is working and very happy with my bargin flight logger. Pre-Stufly I was using Flight to capture and keep my log book from the Vivioactive particularly for short flights when I was not too bothered to take the flight deck and other instruments. My only Vivioactive criticism is screen size, as an old fart it would be nice to have it bigger but I take the convinience over function in this instance. Being able to get approx ground speed, VSI (basic clearly) and flight time was always enough for the short hops with the nice function of a pointer back to base. Looking forward to getting a chance to stretch the new apps legs. Dave
  2. Working on my Vivioactive 3 thanks for the development effort.
  3. Just a warning as I have apple also, PPGPS does not properly support Apple so dont do it! The Flyskyhy works well for me. I had big hopes for the PPGPS but on iphone wont let you download maps so for me fail. I have the maps add-on and run on an old Iphone 6 in a ruggid case (originally used for my motorbike) that is tethered and velcrod to my flight deck. I do have it hooked to a 2500mAh battery bank in the flight deck and battery life is fine. Its also running the music over BT to my Microavionics headset. The flight log is a nice feature and it does sho keep out zones if you keep it upto date. For short or local I just use my Garmin watch with Flight app, very similar to Stufly but supports my more basic Vivioactive 3. This also generates a flight log, basic VSI and GS with GPS weypoint if needed. Nice feature is the I´m lost pointer to home The Kobo based sysems look nice if you plan a lot of long trips but at this time I have enough tech. Dave
  4. 2019 was a year up ups and downs, ohh too much of a pun i guess Well I managed a few flights in my German home in Ampfing and Altstetten Baveria, Fermo in Italy, Frymburk CZ and finished the year in Davidstow Cornwall. I thought I´d make a short video of the high lights but failed as it turned out far longer than expected. The actual best bits is the time up to around 9 mins. I split a 2nd section of just the takeoffs and landings as for me watching others do this is always interesting and useful to see method, not that I am any example but maybe its interesting. Anyhow I hope you enjoy watching but know it will never be as much as I enjoyed the flying Looking forward to some travel and fly breaks in 2020 and hope to be back in teh UK for some of it. Dave https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=k_Kww8puB6c
  5. Apologies for the late reply, I've been traveling and missed it. ive been flying around 3 years but only just hitting the 85 flights point. in 2019 I was flying in Germany, CZ, Italy and UK, missed France in 2019. Im working on the DULV license and struggle with the theory as my German is weak, they won't let me have the exam translated I do have APPI and have done some advanced courses with Skyschool so it's just about getting the theory part done. Best flights last year were December in Cornwall and whilst cold was stunning. My Scout got a new Moster 185 last year but has not been run yet as still happy with my V3. All the best and wishing you smooth sky in 2020 Dave
  6. Spotted this over Metherell today :) looks like you had good sky as you passed
  7. I'm a mature and still new pilot with under 100 flights but having done the APPI and advanced training this year I'm ok with going out and flying solo. I think in this sport we never stop learning and my advice is to find a local club or contact and fly in company. The member map here is growing so opertunities to meet and fly are also increasing. Sometimes waiting isn't frustrating but from experience I can say it's definitely better to be on the ground wishing you were in the air than the other way around That said silk glove liners make a huge difference as does thermals a flight suit and warm socks, crisp air gives good lift and when the stars align go for it. Dave
  8. North Cornwall across Bodmin moor. Stunning and lucky to get the weather window. Last year managed a equally stunning flight up the Tamar river bordering Devon and Cornwall from Saltash to Gunnerslake. seeing how the members map is growing would be good to make a local flying to member locations so we don't pressure any individual locations. I'd be up for a trip over from Germany again for a Airborne Grand Tour
  9. https://youtu.be/LowJbhCvqZQ Struggling with a super slow laptop so full video in Jan....
  10. On my V3 i took a tip from Scout. The throttle cable is now routed from cage at my shoulder where it is locked with a cable tie. The cable is as long as my arm so no arm moment results in a throttle cable loop. Scout have a good video on this that shows it better. CHT and tacho cables also routed along swing arms so there is no chance of them coming loose. I´m super careful with radio cables to make sure there inside the harness as I carry 2 radios, Airband and PMR. I´m not using a speed-bar so its removed as I´ve seen this cause a few issues including a live demo of why its a bad idea in Italy when someone destroyed a prop on takeoff when the speed-bar came loose! All my gadgets (GPS/Phone/Camera) are on tethers that are strong enough to real them in if I drop them. I use a flight suit to keep clothing contained and to keep me toasty Ultimately pre flight is looking for anything that could reach or come loose and I think thats all we can do.
  11. Big shout out to Tony and the Davidstow club for a couple of days taking advantage of the break in the weather before the storm arrives. smooth air today and managed 4 flights before I lost the feeling in my feet i suspect the next days will be maintaining only but great full for a winter fligh. Merry Christmas to all fellow flyers and those in the background acting as support allowing us the privilege of our hobby. Dave
  12. Yep the V3 is a weightly lump however in its defence the harness is very comfortable, and strenght is not free. On my back the V3 does not feel any heavier than my Scout enduro, I put this down to comfort. A basic folding builders platform will save you the effort of getting up and down off the ground, my best low cost invetment regardless of your final choice. I´m also not a spring chicken aproaching 54 so also not so sporty but with techneque the V3 is serving me well. Now I have reached tripple digits in my log book I am starting to look at alternates but mostly window shopping as I already have a Scout sitting gathering dust. Get to Parajet if your in the UK and try some on your back. The Mavic feels really light even with the Moster 185, I think its just the setup as it brings the motor a bit closer to your back so less overhang. For me I visited Parajet and Fly Products and I prefer the engineering on the Fly Products Eclipse and its so light I would actually go for the Atom for a sub 20kg setup. All this is speculation, it dont mean a thing without the right wing, recently my German flying buddy traded up to a new wing and he is no longer running the full field. The change means his inflation is much quicker, takeoff is short and landing flare is safe and slow. Work with the school, dont be too ambitious and before you commit try a few wings and some motors on your back.
  13. I would second the V3 as its super strong but the cost is weight. Recomendation depends on you, are you 4 foot or 6 foot, can you manage a 40kg paramotor or will it glue you to the ground. The V3 is upwards of 30kg once you have some fuel in it so not for the smaller pilot. With the Moster 185 its a good all round package for me and I´m around 90kg with my gear on. Best chance is to talk with your school and see what fits, make the effort to visit the Parajet guys if your UK and try on a mavic and V3 but be warned the Mavic will feel like it better as on your back feels way lighter. If you can walk make a short run with the V3 the reward is the harness (Dudek) is super comfortable and the frame is well engineered and tough as they come. Its only heavy for the 1st 10 steps after all If your in Europe look at Fly Products, there kit is also very well put together and nice guys also. Learning means a lot more runnning and ground based activities so expect to feel like its always too heavy. The good thing is once you nail the takeoffs the heavy bit is only carrying your gear to the takeoff point and then a few steps. I also have a Scout sitting under a layer of dust. The V3 harness is more comfortable and the weight difference is almost zero on your back. Being strong the V3 will forgive a lot but its still not impossible to bend and going turtle will still break a prop but as long as you trip forward, only butt land its a good strong option. Dave
  14. https://youtu.be/pgu-SVYZzSw A short of my trip to Fermo.
  15. Hi I´m based in Munich, maybe your close as this is fairly south Germany 75kg your quite a bit lighter than me so probably something with the Atom 80 is a good fit. If your close enough give me a message. I find it very hard to get flying here due to the high level of legislation but maybe you have some tips. I´m running a Parajet V3 and Moster but probably a bit big for you unless your super fit. I do have a Scout but again probably a bit on the large side. Dave
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