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  1. https://youtu.be/pgu-SVYZzSw A short of my trip to Fermo.
  2. Hi I´m based in Munich, maybe your close as this is fairly south Germany 75kg your quite a bit lighter than me so probably something with the Atom 80 is a good fit. If your close enough give me a message. I find it very hard to get flying here due to the high level of legislation but maybe you have some tips. I´m running a Parajet V3 and Moster but probably a bit big for you unless your super fit. I do have a Scout but again probably a bit on the large side. Dave
  3. Chaps I think each owner has a bias to his choice so here is my bias feedback :) Parajet V3 is a sky tank and whilst a bit heavier than the others is super tough. I do also have a Scout but actually the V3 harness is great and for me more comfortable. I watched students butt landing, lifting legs and grass cutting with the V3 and it just takes it. Im also around your weight, 88kg and the Moster engine works great. The torque steer is really minimal and I love the power to get off the ground quick. I do fancy the light weight Mavic but really cant get a 3rd past the other half ;) Ultimately for me the strength of the V3, quality of build makes up for the extra 5kg. I read a lot around engines but the Moster is easy to maintain, and you must, and does deliver the push you want for short runs and good climb. Good luck and happy flying.
  4. Also an option but another part added, removed parts never fail quote from FMEA manual. Plug pull with panic is very probably going to work and I´m sure the pull will keep it clear of fast rotating bits, assumption being were on full power. KISS says if you can use what is there already why not but absolutely would have gone that way rather than adding additional fuel pipe length.
  5. Hi all. Recently spotted that my fuel prime bulb was not looks so great. Anyone know off hand the size of the fuel pipe on a Parajet so I can order a new bulb? Dave
  6. Some followup as this got me thinking a lot. My Parajet V3 and Moster 185 only has 1 kill switch so if the button fails there is no kill option. 2nd electrical kill is an option but I wanted a non electrical solution as I think electrical failure is more likely fatigue of connection at coil and 10 kill switches will not help here. So fuel cutoff is my logic. On my V3 there is a support bracket for the prime bulb and P-clip. With the help of my son I did a simulated reach check to see if from normal hanging/seating position I could reach the fuel pipe to pinch off the fuel. Original position was very hard to find from blind feel and at the limit of my reach. I rotated the bulb support bracket about 25 deg and re-routed the throttle cable as it was very gently guiding the fuel pipe away from my reach. The new unobstructed position leaves the final to carb fuel pipe a lazy radius that is easy to reach and either pinch off or worst case tear off. I was very glad to hang test and see how hard it was to reach, mostly was a good test to know where to reach to as now its actually quite easy. Dave
  7. I´ve been using Flying for my Vivioactive 3 and would like to try Stufly but unfortunatly seems it wont let me try it on the Vivioactive Oh well my loss, I have to say the app on watch is way more useful than I expected mostly as I can take teh Garmin data and add it to the Garmin video editing app for overlay. That said teh Garmin video editor is super slow but still a nice option. Dave
  8. Great video thanks, I have the 3 words now installed! From a tools a carry a few zip ties and tape plus a small wing bag as a long walk beats risking some equipment damage due to bodge. Maybe if I was 1/2 way up a mountain it would be different. Having seen your close encounters with fast jets in Scotland I also now carry a strobe and am looking at somthing to ping my position, I think these are getting more afordable. Thanks again, videos are stunning and I will be in Inverness in December for New year but suspect will not be flyable. Dave
  9. I have one of these for the car but could be used I guess, also not so expencive https://www.machinemart.co.uk/p/cmc36-car-creeper/ I transport on a bike carrier that fixes to the tow bar and bolted a ball to the garage wall so it all hangs on the wall for storage. Dave
  10. Having read this I will be looking at my V3 and Moster setup to see how to have a secondary kill method. My thoughts are probably back up kill by fuel so extend the fuel feed to a place where in the seat I can reach and pinch. If the kill has failed potential is the pin on the coil has jumped off so a 2nd switch is not going to do a lot. I´d also get to safe/normal cruse height and attempt kill as opposed to riding it out as chances are running the Moster or any other engine on full power for a complete tank is going to end badly anyhow as they are not normally running so hard so long. I don´t want to fit a tap as potential for air to get in but i think with the throttle open it would not need a full pinch to kill the motor from fuel starvation. Dave
  11. Perfect evening flight in Ampfing about 25km from Munich. Flying with my buddy, not the best pics but my 1st flying photos, I´ll get more orginised and take a propper camera next time, shot from iPhone in a case so could be better https://connect.garmin.com/modern/activity/3905984918#.XUO-cJgJcwo.link
  12. I started with a Scout that I instanly broke on 1st powered taxi, tripped on power and distroyed teh cage Expencive mistake and whilst all parts replaced left me feeling nervious about skill ´v´ cost. I did a week in Fermo with a school who were training with Parajet V3 as primary learning tool. Having seen the abuse these seemed to soak up, students butt landing, grass cutting, turtling and so on, I decided this was indeed the tool until my skills match a better tool. I´m only about 50 flights in but live my V3, it breaks down to fit in the car for long trips, local trips it sits on a bike hanger. Really comfortable although its heavy, cant have it all. Engineering is very good and matched to a Moster 185 plenty of power for my 88kg. My main grumble is the weight but its only there for setup and those 1st few steps. My Scout is sitting wsiting for me to reach flight 100 although having tried a Mavic on my back I think I would swap given the option today just as I like the Parajet engineering and it feels so very light on your back. Next time I´m in the UK I hope to get a chance to fly a Mavic with a Atom80 as I think it will be the perfect setup for my type of old man flying, although the Moster did not feel heavier on my back and I do like that push off teh ground it gives SO in short, too late, unless I hated the test flight on the Mav it would be where I would go for my next ride. Now to convince teh wife that its normal to have 3
  13. Hi Eddie, I did buy the bluetooth version so phone is an option, just looking for full coverage as we travel around CZ, France and Italy and often no phone service. I can make the converter cable though so will order one. I have a friend travelling from UK in the next weeks so will order through him while I make the adaptor. Dave
  14. Hi Eddie Its the Motorola T Series with single long (13mm) 2.5mm pin. I did send the info to Microavionics in Germany but maybe it got lost in translation as the message was no can do I also hunted on RS Farnell and Mouser and no luck. I am also ok to cut the provided mini headsets that come with the radio as fairly ok with the soldering. I really want it to be clean though having gone for the PMR100 set, working very well BTW. Its only 2nd radio for Mrs B who usually is in the car with her Kindle whilst I buzz about. If you have an idea let me know or I´ll just have to bite the bullet for a 3rd radio and the other stock cable. Dave 2.5mm Pin. This is a special long reach plug. Longer than normal 2.5mm plugs Ground. Common Ground for Mic, Speaker and PTT Speaker Audio Out from the radio. Microphone & PTT. Ground via the Mic to Transmit Microphone. Standard Electret Mic input with radio providing phantom power to the Mic.
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