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  1. e2vdavidb

    Microavionics? And helmets.

    Hi Eddie, I did buy the bluetooth version so phone is an option, just looking for full coverage as we travel around CZ, France and Italy and often no phone service. I can make the converter cable though so will order one. I have a friend travelling from UK in the next weeks so will order through him while I make the adaptor. Dave
  2. e2vdavidb

    Microavionics? And helmets.

    Hi Eddie Its the Motorola T Series with single long (13mm) 2.5mm pin. I did send the info to Microavionics in Germany but maybe it got lost in translation as the message was no can do I also hunted on RS Farnell and Mouser and no luck. I am also ok to cut the provided mini headsets that come with the radio as fairly ok with the soldering. I really want it to be clean though having gone for the PMR100 set, working very well BTW. Its only 2nd radio for Mrs B who usually is in the car with her Kindle whilst I buzz about. If you have an idea let me know or I´ll just have to bite the bullet for a 3rd radio and the other stock cable. Dave 2.5mm Pin. This is a special long reach plug. Longer than normal 2.5mm plugs Ground. Common Ground for Mic, Speaker and PTT Speaker Audio Out from the radio. Microphone & PTT. Ground via the Mic to Transmit Microphone. Standard Electret Mic input with radio providing phantom power to the Mic.
  3. e2vdavidb

    Moster 185 Exhaust bracket Failure

    I will be flying this weekend with new brackets and additional rubber spacer so I will watch and report. Dave
  4. e2vdavidb

    Microavionics? And helmets.

    How do I get the micro plug? The generally 2nd cable and plug is slightly annoying. That said as I cant get a cable for my Motorola PMR 2nd radio also a bit redundant. I think I will have to get another Midland radio to be compatible, just a niggle but the Mrs is going to notice a 3rd radio now Dave
  5. e2vdavidb

    Moster 185 Exhaust bracket Failure

    Chaps thanks for feedback, and Mark thanks for the welding offer but I´m based in Munich Germany. I did order and have received a new part plus a spare and today had a message from Vittorazi saying I could warranty the bracket. The manual has no torque figure but I´m not gorillering it down. As I now have a collection of the inner rubber bushes I will add one to the inside where it is indeed braking. My suspicion is that the direct metal to metal is causing local micro fractures. The big issue is they it seems to be a 10 hour event and I was more concerned about it failing and going through the prop. I think I will also wire on the new bracket to be sure. I will see if I can persuade one of the chaps in my office to do a stress analysis on the design as is daily business for designs, although our electronics packages never see the 2-stroke vibration in reality (I hope). I did note that the rubber band around the bracket had a tendency to ´walk´ to the stress and failure point but could be some resonance issue. Dave
  6. e2vdavidb

    Moster 185 Exhaust bracket Failure

    New bracket arrived, I tried to add a rubber bush but spacing is all wrong so I have to use the factory setup. I hope I get more than 10 hours from these, its getting expensive!
  7. e2vdavidb

    DT Propeller Moster185

    Andy thanks for the tip on the tip Not planning any low or beach flying however will get the tape on. Q. Are people using longer bolts for E-Props? I removed the rear spacer as the E-Prop hub seems much thicker than the original Scout and Parajet props. Still plenty of space to the cooling cowling and cage just a question. Dave
  8. e2vdavidb

    DT Propeller Moster185

    Ok update, my son who works in banking, specifically international fraud, convinced my wife that we should do nothing with a company in Belarus. That is not to say there is any problem with DT but he advised to use a direct bank transfer. I think this is not preferred by DT as they get additional charges that they would pass on. I´m personally sure they are top and from the exchange they really know their stuff and were fairly instant on only giving me the correct product. That said we all answer to someone and my No 1 is super paranoid and after the advice from my son and the open topic of cost, the fees were not clear plus import duties, I decided for speed to get an E-Prop from France. That arrived in 3 days, looks super cool and on 1st test run up is silky smooth, only pointing out that my old prop is obviously not balanced so well. After warming up Moster accelerated smoothly to 8500rpm, it was so smooth I was convinced it was holding back and had to check the tacho! I am absolutely not saying their is a problem with DT just a logistic when buying out of the comfort blanket of EU companies. Maybe if they get a European distributor it will be another story although after the distribution charges maybe not so competitive. The E-prop was a bit more but actually not so bad, 325 Euros with delivery, ordered Wednesday, arrived Friday morning. A single DT carbon with tax and shipping would have been around 310 Euros. There was also a bit of swag in the bag, who does not like a freebie! E-Prop sticker (now on helmet), desk ruler, nice cap and bag. Here´s hoping that it has a long life, mostly dependant on my flying clearly Dave
  9. e2vdavidb

    Moster 185 Exhaust bracket Failure

    Hi The M141 part was ordered and delivered from Italy Fly Products and was a stiff rubber in the 1st unit and the new part. M143 is a stainless washer though. In both instances it was the location where it was direct metal to metal, clamp to exhaust and maybe there is some resonance causing micro fractures. I have ordered all parts new again but also a M8 rubber isolation bush to decouple the direct exhaust vibration from the clamp. As the exhaust bush is at 20 hours I´ll replace at the same time with the new 50 hour bush. I´ll post pics to show the bush fit if it looks like the alignment is good. Dave
  10. Hi, not sure why but I have now had this exhaust bracket fail 2 x in under 21 hours of use, actual engine hours. (MP162 btacket) I´m super careful about engine warm up so am at a loss. Both brackets have exactly same failure. Moster 185 plus 002280 about 3 years old but not used so much. Is there an alternate or workaround? Thinking of putting a rubber bush between exhaust and bracket but maybe that will make it worse. Drawing shows rubber washer between the bracket tangs and I assume this is correct. I do note that in each case the rubber insulation strip between bracket and exhaust slips very quickly and bunches at the bolt. Any other observations? Dave
  11. e2vdavidb

    Smart Watch for flying

    I am a big fan of my Garmin Vivioactive3 running the Flying app. https://apps.garmin.com/en-US/apps/f9f7930b-8b9c-407e-b6da-29ad9a944fc0
  12. e2vdavidb

    DT Propeller Moster185

    Order placed! I´ll feedback on the delivery times and let you know what I think. I added the fitting of prop tape to give some protection to leading edge although most of my flying so far has not been beach. My only experience of some prop damage before was when my Scout prop completely mashed my Scout cage. Result small chips on prop, easy fix, cage scrap. Dave
  13. e2vdavidb

    DT Propeller Moster185

    Thanks for the feedback. I decided to order 2, one carbon and one wooden, both with leading edge tape. I think the wood prop is so cheep its worth a look, my flying is not so dynamic so probably I wont notice a difference but will report when they arrive. Dave
  14. Just back from a week near Frymburk in South of Czech Republic. Found a nice place to fly but some mixed weather. Couple of vids on my channel this is just the ups and downs. Dave
  15. e2vdavidb

    DT Propeller Moster185

    Chaps The last post on these guys, DT Propellers, was from 2016. http://www.dtpropeller.com/en Any recent experience buying props from them? Managed to turtle last week and whilst there was no obvious breakage or damage to my Moster Parajet prop I want to play safe and replace it. I´m convinced when I flex the prop I can hear internal fibre damage, need to see if I can get it x-rayed. In the interim I borrowed the 130 from my Scout but feels off balance so will replace. I also like to carry the spare. Dave