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  1. weesplat


    Thats good to hear dude. Glad I could help.
  2. weesplat


    Oh and i got all the bits from ebay
  3. weesplat


    hi mathius they are made up from 6 cyclon 2v 2.5ah D cell battery wired to give you 12v out . Hot glue together so they form like a log pile 2 logs long and heatshrink it into a pack
  4. The Hirth f-36 motor is the same motor from what I can gather as the solo210 and it's still current.
  5. Testing status update option


    1. admin (Simon W)

      admin (Simon W)

      Nice one dudett. B|

      SW :D

  6. Hi if there was a build up of gunk and grime on the bendix shaft stopping the bendix gear getting thrown far enough to catch the starter ring that could be (been ) your problem. Low battery could do the same but assuming you had a good battery. hope it helps Col...
  7. I'd forgot about the conversation at the end. Made me laugh all over again. Col..
  8. Hi Norman, I like the motif having the Paramotorclub.org logo gives the conection we all have no matter which branch we belong to. Think that it fits in with the ethos of the club lots of small groups of local pilots all over the place under the one umberella orginisation. We could have things like interclub comps, regional flyins, national rallys. not to mention any international options that may pop up. Afterall we might one day have a branch in every country if the idea catches on an international club. Next THE WORLD!!!!!!!!! Whow sorry just got all over excited. Looking
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