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  1. I wanted to just say hi, (logged in as little Col to test posting out) IT WORKS!!!! PS I am called little Col as I have a very very tiny toe nail... honestly! ...........................I can edit your post..........but still have no "green boxes" to press for adding anything of my own.
  2. Oh also got assorted mangled aluminium that used to be cage sections and may have useful bits.
  3. Hi guys sorry about the delay getting back to you. What I have is a complete Adventure A3 Paramotor and with possibly a carb service I expect it to start and run sweet. I have a complete spare cage and spare prop I also have a new harness for it I would expect the one on it to be a bit mouldy but poss recoverable. I wouldn't be interested in splitting it but would sell as a going concern with spares for the right money. Let me know if there's an interest obviously you get first shout Ben.. cheers Col.
  4. Hi, sounds like a blocked jet. Give the carb a service should sort your problem.. cheers col...
  5. The Hirth f-36 motor is the same motor from what I can gather as the solo210 and it's still current.
  6. Hi depends on the size of the hole it has to fit into. Adventure for example had a battery pack shaped to fit the recess in the fibreglass body. Generally 12-14volts highest ah that will fit and if it is recharged in flight then No lipo's or other type that requires special chargers. I've seen everything from a power tool power pack strapped on with cable ties to tiny lipo's,s in a very neat steel electrics compartment but with no in flight charging.
  7. Have you had a look as this thread. Might be of help.
  8. Think the standard engine (shoebox exhaust) used the 32 and the tuned version ( proper expansion chamber and larger head ) used the 37. Might be wrong but that's what I seem to remember.
  9. Might be worth actually giving them a call if you have a contact number. The other manufacturers that used a solo210 I can think of is adventure, early nirvana, fresh breeze (different carb), pap and I think H&E. So might be worth dropping them an e mail. There was also an American dealer that done a load of spares and upgrades for that motor but can't remember the name think it starts with an M but I'm guessing. Well worth a look around somewhere there is a PDFs manual and exploded drawings also wiring diagram. Used to have them but must have deleted when I changed motor.. Hope that's some help.. Cheers Col.. Mojo's gear I think it is
  10. Ahhh got you. Had'nt realised you had already done the standered double it if there's a woman involved. Lol..
  11. Hi John, Welcome to the PMC. I have to ask where you came up with the 3.5k figure for training. The PMC course at membury is way less than that. That's for a full course to a safe standard no limit on days ( We do ask that you complete inside 10 months ) and use of all necessary equipment motors, wings and harnesses. Give Simon Westmore a shout on here and he will be able to give you details and answer any queries you may have. Hope that's of some help Cheers Col..
  12. Testing status update option


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      Nice one dudett. B|

      SW :D

  13. Hi poss still available from fresh breeze or Adventure paramotors as they both used the solo210 for quite a while in there units. Hope you find one. Cheers Col.
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