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Paramotor Orienteering day. Late March 2014. :-)


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As an update: The plan is as follows.

In March 2014 there will be a 1 day event starting and finishing at Membury airfield.

There will be a number of manned waypoints at varying distance from the start point.

As in normal Orienteering, you will have to land at each 'task' point and stamp your card to validate the points.

There is a twist!!!! :-) :-)

In order to encourage low airtime pilots we have removed the need to be 'just' a good pilot and added some fun!.

Each landing point will have a different task at it which you must complete before stamping your card. :twisted::twisted:

As the points get further away from the start, the ground tasks will be harder.

So when I say 'tasks' I mean something fun, something stupid and nothing to do with aviation at all. :-) To give away one of the 'tasks' each pilot must shoot 6 empty cans at a set distance with a CO2 air pistol :-) :-) The fun part will be that you will not know what the task is UNTIL you get there, or even what the tasks are!!! :twisted::twisted:

As it stands, I have Permission to use Membury, I have 5 sites that we can use for the landing / task points., I have the cards and stamps, So in essence the event would need 2 people on the ground at each point.

I will keep the number of points at 5 for now to see if I can find the 10 people required to man them. :-)

All are welcome to enter, £25 for non paid members, £10 for paid up members.

Minimum number of pilots to run the event is 10.

There will be trophy awards at the end.

So I would ask again, due to delay... does anyone fancy manning a ground point? (all within 80 miles of Membury) If so please post below :-)

Also, who fancies taking part? :-) :-) Again, please post below.


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You will be 100% fine dude :-)

I don't want to give you a strategy but this event does not require that you are a sky god in the slightest. :-)

It's more about having a fun day with our Paramotors.


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Brilliant, so were on a mission to get you both flying under your own steam and confident before then :-)

Happy with that.!!

I am sure we will have a flyable day soon so that we can get you started! :-)

Now your not lurking.... Welcome to the Paramotor Club :dive:


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I will do a max poss distance on GE (with the current points, and let you know but YES this will be an entire days event. :-)

There will be free fuel and oil at the waypoints where it is needed.


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