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  1. Hi Dan, about time you got back in the air? Saw quite a few paramotors around Guildford last night, the airspace is now much more complicated with the new Farnborough air space going live. It looked like some may be flying along the downs from Green Dragons Site, as well. Paul
  2. Always interested in flying sites I can park my motorhome at and fly, coast and a good pub is a bonus did this club ever take off?
  3. It seems that a few pilots have had serious problems with the Force II (and probably other wings) but not reported them. The BHPA incident reporting system has been replaced by a pan European system hosted by the European Hang Gliding and Paragliding Union (EHPU). https://ehpu-safetynetwork.org/plugins/form/235/en Please report incidents past and present, names are not published but it may help save lives and advise other pilots so that they do not make the same expensive and painful mistakes.
  4. As I have already stated in the safety matters thread, In my opinion the Force II is not fit for my purpose the wing is very efficient but seems to be very brake sensitive (e.g. ready to stall unexpectedly) at slow speed. I had two unexpected low altitude parachutal stalls on this wing and was very lucky to walk away with sprains bruises and damage to the paramotor.
  5. until
    Fly- In Winglands Airfield
  6. 8086

    Winds Aloft

    You have to zoom in and it will find the data, it will search on UK towns It is only a Beta and should get better
  7. 8086

    Winds Aloft

    Check out https://meteo-parapente.com/v2-beta/#/ Scroll to your location and save Airspace as well, works on mobile Paul
  8. Many thanks Simon And Co had a great time and got to fly some fun toys.
  9. http://tracking.theadventurists.com/#icarusxseries/icarusxseriesuk2017/mark-morgan-1
  10. Paul Haxby should state is the UK Apco representative and dealer. I have 30 hours flying the Force 2 23 hours on a loan wing and 7 on the one in my video, this wing stalled on TWO occasions, the first time sinking into trees, the D lines also went slack on me in rough air (6 inches slack on right side when flying). Paul Haxby sold me the wing and I returned it to him as unfit for my use. I have discussed with Paul Haxby that it may be better to advice pilots of the Force II to take off on neutral trim to raise the flying speed. Comments on Paul Haxby Apco Force II Turn Against Torque Test video: It is unusual to have brakes flapping when flying low at (0:53) at very least brakes should be in your hands at normal flying position this would be at least 10 to 20cm lower than in your video. My machine is low hang point yours is high, we have different engines. I re-state this wing seems to be very brake sensitive (e.g. ready to stall) at slow speed. Note: If Flying the Apco Force 2 under the BHPA insurance scheme make sure that you have filled in and returned your Pilot’s Declaration: Uncertified Wings. About me: I have 30 hours on the Force 2 and over 500 hours on Apco wings, having owned and flown: Apco Sierra, Apco Thrust, Apco Thrust HP, Apco Force, Apco Lift, Apco NRG, Apco Force SP, Apco Force 2. In various places worldwide.
  11. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZnQej3v06Ic&feature=youtu.be Turning 45 degrees left against torque to avoid overflying neighbours at about 55 feet above ground level wing started descending added power decent increased managed to kill engine before impact into ground. Not impressed this wing does not behave the same as the Force or Force SP both of which I have flown from this field performing the same manoeuvre. Force 2 Wing has been returned to supplier in my opinion it is unfit for my use a full refund was refused. I am awaiting a response on testing from the dealer and the factory. Upon reflection I should have gone hands up and reduced power but then I would have crashed into the trees. Note this wing is sold as “highly agile, fun wing together with never before seen cross country efficiency at high speeds” Apco have increased the aspect ratio on the Force 2 (it is thinner) this combined with the Two Dimensional Integrated Brake Configuration that pulls the wing tips with the brakes, and the new Automatic Balance System that also pulls on the tips along with the slower trim speed seem to have reduced the stability in my opinion. It seems usability has been sacrificed for efficiency also Apco SRS® - Automatic Stall Recovery System does not work that well. Very lucky to walk away with just bruising and sprains.
  12. Snow chains work well in the mud (& shit) helped me last year. https://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=a.10153538473444017.1073741841.723939016&type=1&l=c588dcc107 Paul
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