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  1. I hope you get up soon, Andy, being the one who started it here!
  2. No, landed pretty much as I would have without the trike, but I think you probaly could just fly it onto the ground. I flared gently, but a little early , as it happens, then levelled and flared again progressively. I flew with my legs dangling, so there is a slight change of attitude in the trike when you put your feet forward onto the front wheel pedals, and your CofG moves forward slightly, but really nothing significant. It was only a short flight, so during the next few I will explore and try to understand fully the significance of shifting weight both fore and aft, and side to side.
  3. Well I've finally test flown the trike! And its fair to say it was a complete success. I had, had an outing about a week ago where I set up to fly but binned one launch then the wind got up so aborted the session, but today I got out early on a very still morning and set to go again. This time I made sure there was no hesitation as the wing had that initial check as it starts to come up, I kept the power on and kept the trike moving forward. I then allowed the speed to build until it was very nearly flying before applying the slightest of brake to unstick. I must have been pointing slightly off the wing track because I got a bit of sway as I lifted off, but nothing scary. Climb out was very positive with full throttle on the Moster plus. OK I was lightly loaded for this maiden flight, with only 4 litres of fuel and no flight deck, but I would judge there still to be plenty of power for climbing even if carrying another 5-10kg. My TO weight today would have been about 40kg plus 105kg of me, so I will always be well within the 70kg trike AUW limit of 70kg. Also within specified max for the wing of 160kg. Landing was super smooth, but fast . Although not really noticeably faster than my normal feet/ bum landing- the reason for which I have switched to a trike. The trike touched down pretty level, perhaps the rear momentarily ahead of the nose wheel, the wing stayed overhead as I came to a stop in a few paces, and gently fell in front of me despite pulling hard right brake after initial touch down , but it was nil wind. Now for a few more flights to prove it wasnt all a fluke! http://Trike Maiden
  4. Mine just about sat on the bar, but in the flying position is well above, so I have split the difference for the taxi-ing position
  5. Finished the trike this morning. The video below is a tour of the completed trike. Its quite long at 7 minutes and is intended as a reference for anyone building one https://youtu.be/UvSfU6Inpqk
  6. I think , I get you. Where you tape the tie on tape well over the cut end to smooth it out, so if a line jumps out it doesnt then snag under the cut end http://Snag
  7. Would be interested to see the wheels. Not only lighter in weight, but on the wallet, I wouldnt mind betting!
  8. Taxi tested the trike yesterday, and it went well. Nothing fell off! Although I need to beef up the seat support, So, just about ready to fly it. But I need ideas and advice on the line guides that go on the cage. What? and Where? The PAP ones look good but €42 seems a bit steep, so what do people use? Do I recall seeing a large electrical cable tie used , strapped vertically? And Where? At mid height of cage or higher? https://www.facebook.com/100005854994168/posts/900830113455480/
  9. So in the best tradition of the late Colin Chapman I have spent the day adding lightness, removing all superfluous material and tidying stuff up. And Ive managed to get the trike down to under 11kg, which I'm very pleased with. My target when I started was 14. http://Lightening http://Front Pick up brackets Macro V2 http://Pick Up Brackets Macro V2, _2 More photos in the Album
  10. Haha. But yes, makes you realise how time flies
  11. How it sits now. http://levelled after tube bend
  12. Well, couldnt find anyone to bend the tube, all too scared of breaking it. So in best Heath Robinson tradition I did it myself, using Acrows , scaffold clips, oak packers, sand filling and most of my 100kg on the end of a pretty big lever. Went like a dream http://Sand Filling http://Setting up http://Go On My Son! http://Finished
  13. A few Berkshire pilots are meeting in The Elephant in Pangbourne this evening at 8pm (Thursday 30th August 2018). Anyone is welcome
  14. Weight check. 45kg on a wheel in this condition, there is a little more to add but should be well within 55kg per wheel max allowable load. http://image
  15. Parajet Macro V2 with Moster Plus. I had 3 M10 internally threaded bosses welded into the base of the Macro. I have also picked up with some HDPE clamping brackets. Yes, tube on top so I could run it through to pickup the back mounting boss on the Macro frame http:// http://Macro V2 Fixing for trike More photos in Album
  16. Trike Build is progressing well. Very pleased so far, looking like I will come in at under 12kg for the trike. http://Liteflyer trike Ive got a couple of build tips on materials. 1. If you order the axle holder tube in imperial 1 1/4" , with 1/8" wall thickness this gives an internal dia of 1" or 25.4mm in metric. This means if you then order the fibreglass axle in metric 25mm it is a perfect sliding fit, with no sanding. 25mm GRP Rod 2. I found these as perfect "grippers" for retaining the wheels in position on the axle. They are normally used on Drone booms (will also use an R-Pin on the outboard end for extra security. 25mm clamp http://25mm clamp Coming in under 12kg http://Weigh In Some lovely welding by Roger, a local welding guru. http://Forking nice welding More photos of build in Album
  17. Well here we go, the build begins. Main frame completed at just over 4kg with another 6kg of wheels and axles to add, plus other bits and pieces. So looks doable at under 15kg. Trike Album
  18. After reading about your problems with the fork, I was going with the plate and tube welded fork, so won't need the pillar drill for that. But I still think it would make all the rest of the drilling a lot easier. I've needed one for a long time, so I might have to treat myself!
  19. Sorry to hear you're still crook, I really hope it all goes to plan and you get back on your feet........and up in the air soon Surely you're AUW would be over 120kg. 92kg, 15kg trike, 25kg Paramotor, 5kg clothing, boots equipment, 8kg fuel(say) ......around 145kg. But, granted you have 13kg over me! I am aiming to be under 160kg I have subsequently spoken to Neilzy who had a Grasshopper trike that uses those wheels, too, and weighs about the same as me, and he has confirmed that the wheels coped fine, but he did say they punctured quite easily, although said that could have been to do with flying off stubble. Get well soon, mate
  20. Hi, Andy How's your back coming on? Hope you get to fly the trike soon . I'm gearing up to start my build very soon.Got a couple of questions Where did you get your axle fibreglass rod ? Have found it OK, but dont like the fact they want as much for posting two 1m pieces as they do for the stuff itself!! I have seen you say somewhere, you are heavy!! So am I- about 105kg. Just wondering whether you have sat in yours yet and how the balloon tyres fare, given they are rated at 55kg max each, which, with the majority of the weight over the back axle (and certainly on landing) will put them well over by about the weight of the paramotor, trike and fuel , 40-50kg between the two . Thoughts?
  21. Well if you put the CofG of the trike vertically below the hang points of the paramotor ( note: vertically below as the paramotor hangs, in a hang test without the trike), then the whole when bolted together would leave the paramotor hanging in the same attitude. Of course if it doesnt then you have the option to alter the hang point position on the paramotor arms till it does, but best to try and do it without, in my opinion. Least changed the better.
  22. Thanks. I should be able to work it out from the photos. I, too will be using the longer tube and the larger dia.
  23. Not sure who that was. But I do get over that way occasionally. I'm in Pangbourne and there are 3 or 4 piots nearby. We were only recently saying its time we had a get to together for a drink. We usually go to The Elephant in Pangbourne. I'll message you when we get something planned
  24. Sorry to hear about your back, when you are mobile enough, I would be very interested to know where the CofG of the trike without motor is coming out. I would like mine to coincide with the CofG of the paramotor, ie not to have to change the present foot launched hang position. Therefore want to have an idea where the mount position of my parmotor might be, and see if it is apractical proposition. Get well soon, we're all waiting to know how it flies!
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