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  2. Hi Jez Welcome to the site, we are in Street so not too far from you, we are currently training with Simon at Membury and there we met with others from the Cheddar / Wells / Bristol region that fly regularly so there are a few of us hiding around the area if you want to meet up at some point (PM me) - or we may bump into you at Membury which always has lots of paramotoring action to see. Look forward to meeting you, Amanda
  3. 'Well Done Gary' - really pleased you made it & to all the other First Flighters! Certainly was a great weekend, as always action packed thanks to Simon, Colin, Colin B & Pete for the training, guidance and words of encouragement throughout! Amanda
  4. Hi Simon Just checking Ollie & I are on your helper list? Cheers Amanda
  5. Hi Simon, I did see that my name had gone down on the initial flying list accidentially.....I would like to withdraw myself from this, but Im still happy to get in the air by then, so this opens up another space for anyone out there. So Ollie & I will be happy if you put us down to be part of the ground crew for you! Cheers
  6. Sure im Happy with that mission! she says while 'arms are still folded in that defensive position while trying to type this! ' Sounds like it is building in to a good event already.
  7. Being complete newbies -count us in to help man a station for you! By 'us' I mean Oliver & Amanda - first post on this site, so hello to everyone out there, we have recently signed up for training with Simon....cannot wait to get airbourne!
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