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Dell Schanze’s conduct in the sport of Powered Paragliding..


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Dell Schanze’s conduct in the sport of Powered Paragliding(PPG) is seriously detrimental to the sport. It is widely known and reported through major media outlets in the USA that there are several legal investigations ongoing about his questionable behavior while flying Powered Paragliders. This behavior brings harm to the reputation of Powered Paragliding and his continued behavior is likely to cause irreparable damage to our sport. Furthermore his actions have already closed flying sites around the country.

As parts suppliers to Flat Top Paramotors, the brand of Paramotors Dell Schanze manufactures, Vittorazi Motors and Helix Propellers are supporting the destruction of the Powered Paragliding freedoms we have. We urge Vittorazi and Helix to stop selling all parts to Flat Top Paramotors, Paragliding Mall, SUPER Training, and any other of Dell Schanze’s affiliated companies.

http://www.change.org/petitions/vittora ... e_petition


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Apart from his diabolical lack of respect for proper safety regimes, I detest the fact that because of his wide coverage on the internet he can blind potential pilots to the availability of extremely good and safe gear from responsible manufacturers.

Cheers, Alan

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I agreed 100% that Dell is a despicable human being. But getting real here, how does a petition change a genuine and legal commercial agreement between two companies? I can understand if we were trying to get the FAA to take more notice but not Helix or Vitorazzi.

If he can get away with a student being killed when he is illegally operating on a beach whilst actively telling student they don't need a helmet.

If he can fly along kicking and owl.

If he can shoot a handgun whilst flying along some coast line.

How the hell are a few signatures going to help?

Just sayin.

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Presumably, if the companies in question choose to ignore the sentiments expressed in the petition, the next stage would be for individuals, schools etc. to boycott those companies.

I don't know the relative volumes of business with Dell vs. rest of the world, but I can only imagine that most suppliers would prefer to lose Dell's business rather than, perhaps 10% of the rest of their business.

Does anyone have a good reason not to sign the petition?

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I can see where Stuart is coming from to be honest. Probably a petition to the authorities to take action would be good perhaps better move.

I can't see a manufacturer getting involved or refusing to supply goods. Likewise I can't see people actually boycotting the manufacturer for continuing to supply him.

Either way we should be showing that this is one nut that doesn't reflect the sport we partake in and there is no reason not to sign it and take a stand.

It's voting if you do nothing you can't complain about the results.

Cheers Lee.

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