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  1. Sincere apologies Simon and crew. I didn't keep up with the changes to this event and so was one of the many who were guilty of not attending after RSVP-ing. I can see how annoying and costly it must have been but after such a turbulent time and for so many paid up members to not attend there must also be lessons for the organisers to learn. Looking at your vote on how long to delay due to covid and just 38 votes might have been an opportunity for a fresh invite and relaunch of the event to gain an up to date list of people who seriously intend to go. Please don't take this as anything but constructive. As you know I've been a PMC member since the earliest days, have been to many of your great events and love you guys to bits! Best wishes
  2. Hi Simon. Glad the hack hasn't broken too much. I've resubscribed. My original membership was paid 3 months ago on 12th May this year. Cheers, Ian.
  3. I'm following electric paramotors like the Paracell with interest, but even they are noisy because of the propeller. Not sure that downrating 2 stroke engines is the way forward?
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    Hi there. Back flying today after a long break on my new to me Bailey V4. I only live in Bicknor about 10 minutes from you and play squash in Rodmersham sometimes (when I can be bothered!) Happy to meet up for a paramotoring chat. Pm and I'll send my mobile number over. Cheers, Ian.
  6. I heard this on the news and thought it might be an excellent way for any local pilots willing to help in the search to portray our sport in a positive light, especially as the story has gathered a huge amount of support and has found its way onto the national radio/tv. http://metro.co.uk/2015/01/22/desperate-pet-owner-hires-helicopter-to-find-missing-dog-5032113/ https://www.facebook.com/groups/721084268007622/?fref=ts Any takers? Regards, Ian
  7. I'm with Alan. It seems to work for the Red Arrows! Although trying to scribe a vertical heart in the sky might be a bit trickier with our kit! Regards, Ian.
  8. What's wrong with that? I don't want the aliens reading my mind!
  9. I use a Pipercross foam one which does the same job as a K&N but at a fraction of the price http://www.thepipercrossshop.co.uk/universal-rubber-neck-filters_c278851_281237.htm
  10. Sorry, can't do the 6th December as it's my shoots Christamas doo.
  11. I know that the weather has been less than conducive to this but just bringing it to the top so that it's not forgotten.
  12. Hi, How much do you want for the whole paramotor? Also, please can you let me know where you are and what cc the engine is? Thanks, Ian
  13. Another interested android user here too!
  14. Hi Simon My preference would be to keep the fly-in and orienteering day seperate, with the orienteering maybe some time after the fly-in. Will allow you to concentrate your efforts on the fly-in which I imagine will take enough of your time and energy without the additional workload and thought of incorporating the orienteering. It will also keep the fly-in more relaxed and give the pilots more time to socialise with each other and the people they're with. Cheers, Ian
  15. I wouldn't expect it to be the most popular (in fact if anyone else is flying one I'd be shocked!) but I fly a Walkerjet Superhawk with a Solo 210 engine!
  16. Seen it before but still interesting. All wing reports are available here - http://www.para-test.com/index.php?option=com_content&task=category&sectionid=4&id=30&Itemid=48
  17. I use the Garmin eTrex and it does all that I need. Works out of the box without the internet, although I can't remember now whether I had to upload a map to it initially as I've been using it for years. Regards, Ian
  18. This is the truly bonkers video from their website -
  19. Great that Stevie was prepared to praise a supplier for good service! Nice one! Shame we still don't know what george1966 was moaning about!!! If it was that bad then why not elaborate so that we can all know what the problem was and for the supplier (who probably directly or in directly gets to hear what people are saying about them on here) can take onboard some constructive criticism Ian.
  20. I've been on your Facebook page and it looks good. If I ever manage to align some free time, motivation and good weather then I would definitely be up for a fly! Not too far from you in Maidstone. Best regards, Ian
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