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  1. Hi Simon. Glad the hack hasn't broken too much. I've resubscribed. My original membership was paid 3 months ago on 12th May this year. Cheers, Ian.
  2. I'm following electric paramotors like the Paracell with interest, but even they are noisy because of the propeller. Not sure that downrating 2 stroke engines is the way forward?
  3. irm750


    Hi there. Back flying today after a long break on my new to me Bailey V4. I only live in Bicknor about 10 minutes from you and play squash in Rodmersham sometimes (when I can be bothered!) Happy to meet up for a paramotoring chat. Pm and I'll send my mobile number over. Cheers, Ian.
  4. I've been on your Facebook page and it looks good. If I ever manage to align some free time, motivation and good weather then I would definitely be up for a fly! Not too far from you in Maidstone. Best regards, Ian
  5. I agree with the advice on straps. Also, what helped me get into my Voultion harness was while standing up just before launch to pull the seat down the back of my legs to ensure that it wasn't snagged. Then just a wiggle was enough to get properly seated. Good luck! Ian.
  6. Is that a petrol strimmer throttle in the picture??? Count me in the list of people who are seriously looking at building their own GX200 type 4-stroke motor. Thinking I could remove the low powered solo 210 from my 130 size walkerjet and graft the 4-stroke in. Or maybe I should just get in touch with Freshbreeze and buy a bigger head, tuned exhaust and beefier prop? Jock - I've been looking at the Bailey (reduction and exhaust) and GX160parts.co.uk (engine/carb mods) web sites. Are the Loncin and Wiltecs identical in layout and design to the original Honda GX200 so that parts designed to
  7. Very impressive! Having been privvy to some of the info I'm sure that it will be successful and wish you well. Best regards, Ian.
  8. So that everyone else who is interested doesn't have to trawl back through 4 full pages to October 1st 2007 like I just did, the camera that Dan produces these cracking photos on is a Fuji A800. Best regards, Ian.
  9. Great pictures! What camera did you use??? Ian.
  10. Hello Peter and welcome. Sounds like a smart move as the Solo 210 is a popular motor. I see from your area code that you are in the Canterbury area. A few of us fly from sites around Kent and you are most welcome to join us. Do you fly? Best regards, Ian.
  11. Fancy going through the whole falling into your own wing, the reserve taking forever to open then landing safely in the sea......... Just to be run over by the safety boat!!! Just for interest, I fly a Parajet Volution (compact) and have a front mounted reserve. I fly with the throttle in my right hand so have set up the bridles for a left hand deployment. The bridle is routed back along the left swing arm, then up the side of the back plate to behind my neck and then down to the maillons on the shoulders. I agree with Francis that a controlled deployment is critical so I use short pieces o
  12. irm750


    You could always leap frog the whole which is better, the Revo or the Synth arguement and go straight for a Dudek Reaction. At the moment that is the next one on my christmas list! Best regards, Ian
  13. irm750


    Hi Steve and welcome to the Kent section! I know Pluckley as I shoot at the Black Horse Gun Club there every fortnight and I am only 5 minutes from your mate in Harrietsham (I live in Bicknor)! You would be welcome to fly at my instructors field in Detling. It is flyable with wind from any direction. Or there are always my fields on the Romney Marsh (if you can find a day when it's not blowing a gale down there!) If you are thinking of going reflex, you can give my Revolution 28 a try. What weight are you? Best regards, Ian.
  14. irm750


    Hi Mike Good to see that you are back from Spain safely and even better to hear that you got a good flight. Andy's massive field at Detling is operational again (they ploughed it so that they could turn in some muck and sow fresh grass seed!) Hopefully going to fly there tomorrow morning. Update on todays attempted flight in the 3 blade GSC prop section! Best regards, Ian.
  15. I agree with all of the legality and safety limitations/concerns but here are some people who are doing it! (and some with added lasers, pyrotechnics, streamers, ground fired fireworks and incredibly - attached mounted horses to contend with!) Now for a Youtube-athon - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vEvWUb6Z5tM Pretty amazing! Looks like the Chinese have a different view of night flying. It seems that beaches would be the preferred takeoff/landing sites. Nice and flat with no power cables or other obstacles and probably reasonably visible even in low light. Take care! Best
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