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  1. Thanks for the replies....the carb I have is a Walbro 8, I received the carb rebuild kit and I thought I was meticulously careful with everything I did, even photographed evert step so as to be sure I put it back together as it came apart. Not that easy for me to find someone with experience as I live out in the sticks in Thailand, and after seeing some of the way Thais approach things mechanical (not that I'm an expert...but I can tell the difference between competency and outright guessing), I don't feel I would trust a motorbike mechanic with something as important as my paramotor.
  2. I apologise in advance for this being a long thread...but I really need help. A brief history, my Polini 130 has 36 hours on it.....there was a downtime period of 6 months due waiting for new frame etc. When I started it after 6 months, to my surprise all seemed well. After 4 flights I had a semi engine failure after an hour flight...no response above cruise speed, landed, tried to restart...no joy. Now I must warn you that I am one of the rare breeds that has never, I repeat...never been involved with engines of any type...I changed my first spark plug a few weeks ago in my 58 years
  3. Casper, thanks for the heads up on the free magazine......I was subscribed to Paramotor, then they combined it with Cross Country.....I come from a free flying background, so that was ok with me......until the articles about paramotors became noticeably fewer and far between, so reluctantly I let my subscription lapse. Have not had a solid look at Aero.com yet, but hey it's free! Many Thanks, cheers
  4. One thing people have not mentioned, is that it is surprising how little force it takes to sustain a head injury, granted our craniums are designed pretty tough, but even if you fall backwards from a standing position and the back of you skull hits a solid object, you will not get up in a hurry. Now add the momentum of a failed launch or tripping and falling while doing what we do into the equation Broken legs, arms, feet, hands will mend a broken brain normally does not, that is our "engine room" or "hard drive", you break that and your life will change forever, a helmet may be that
  5. Thank you Gilmour......that does help....Cheers.
  6. Thank you Gilmour for your reply, glad to see one member willing to offer sensible advice. One question if you don't mind, what is the measurement of your foot from heel to big toe in cm's or inches.....reason being, after looking at all the different charts for shoe sizes, I am curious as to how the 8.5 size compares to your actual foot measurement. Cheers
  7. No such shops here in Thailand.....hence the need for wanting to order on line..
  8. I've always been keen on the Hanwag brand since I first saw them many years ago in my free-flying days. My concern about ordering boots online......is hoping you get the right size, what with the different types of measurements etc. Is there some fool-proof method of getting the right size? Because all the shoes I've ever bought, I've tried them on first, and sometimes I am one size and then another depending on what brand. I really want to order a pair through Amazon (I live out in the sticks in Thailand)|, but am unsure as to be confident of getting the right size, Any help gr
  9. The only school in Phuket....Sky Club Asia..unfortunately has closed. If you really want to fly, there are a couple of schools in the Pattaya region.....a long way from Phuket I know....or you could try Chang Mai.....even further away. Unfortunately that is all I can suggest. Cheers.
  10. I really need to share this.....during my training, I had a fellow student who was well versed in flying fixed winged aircraft, but not our floppy pillow cases. Due to my previous experience with paragliders, I advanced faster than my fellow student, and subsequently was airborne while he was still getting his brain to re-adjust to a more "hands-on" feeling of a wing with strings attached as opposed to pedals and levers. He had hit a brick wall with his ground handling and was not progressing at all. Two weeks after I got back home I contacted my fellow student, to see how he was goi
  11. Well I am happy to report that I have completed my training with David from Paramotorthailand, and I can confirm that he is fully competent in all aspects of training including air laws, weather. aerodynamics, safety.....and most important, he has great interpersonal skills. Meaning he has patience and tolerance for all types of students. He is Spanish, but speaks English fluently. He has his PPL (Private Pilots License) and his own plane. He has designed his own paramotor cage...Cameleon, and when I told him I am happy to support him by purchasing one of his own frames, he told me no, be
  12. I contacted George from Cobra Paramotors just recently and he said he is too busy with other stuff at the moment to do any training.....so he also highly recommended David from Paramotorthailand. I am now booked in with them next Monday 17th October......can't wait. Cheers.
  13. http://paramotorthailand.com/ I am going to start training with these guys in a couple of weeks time. So stay tuned and I will let you know how it goes.
  14. Interesting....so hard to keep-up with Ozone. I thought they were going down the road of "Lightweight is best" with their adaptions of the Roadster2 and Speedster aka...Spyder and Sirocco. Now they go back to conventional materials (not "lightweight") and come out with Speedster2.....what a thrill it must be, to be a part of that team. It boggles the mind as to how far paragliders have advanced in the last 20 years (when I first started) and now.....so what else can they possibly improve on? Exciting times.
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