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  1. View Advert Paramania Fusion 26m paramotor wing Paramania Fusion 26m paramotor wing for sale. 346 hours from new, one careful owner, still crispy, with one minor professionally repaired patch (Aerofix). Great intermediate wing, with reflex system and speedbar, stuff sack, and storage bag. Easily launched, fast and stable flying. Comes with stuffsack/backpack combo, lightweight bag, speedbar, spare lines, tip steer kit (not installed), wing repair patches. Can meet/deliver locally (Co.Tyrone- Northern Ireland). Otherwise postage/courier at cost. Advertiser gordon_dunn Date 11/09/20 Price £850.00 Category Wings  
  2. We are in lockdown... for good reason. We want to see restrictions lifted as soon as possible- so please adhere to the advice, or restrictions will be enforced for a much longer period. When this is over, there will be plenty of days for flying.
  3. Decided against installation of this system..... as it interferes with the 2 stroke cycle on the Top 80... Smoke Systems High performance two stroke engines scavenge the exhaust stream in order to increase power output. If smoke producing fluids are injected into the exhaust stream before the muffler i.e. right at the cylinder they will be drawn back into the cylinder and burned along with the ordinary fuel/oil/air mixture. This may cause the engine to overheat. That is, if you believe that mixing the smoke fluid with the oil/gas mixture and then running it through the engine would not be a problem, then it may be OK. Consider, however, that adding additional oil, essentially, is what can cause overheating. If you install a smoke system, the fluids should be injected AFTER the tuned scavenging chamber, not before. A properly installed smoke system in the Top 80, for example, requires the injector to be placed just before the muffler rather than adjacent to the cylinder (the scavenging system).
  4. Anyone tried a smoke system on a Top 80 Miniplane? Tempted to have a go... may only use it a few times, but looks really cool! GD
  5. Dare I kick some life into this thread again....
  6. Anyone know who this was? https://www.belfasttelegraph.co.uk/news/northern-ireland/flybe-belfast-jet-within-second-of-catastrophic-crash-with-paraglider-over-carrick-37859057.html
  7. Indeed-- a quote from Douglas Bader himself.. Classic!!!
  8. Makes you wonder through- if a PPG pilot can fly within 50ft of the US president, towing a banner.... what other things could they be capable of? My mind dreads to think of the possibilities.... I dare say others are too... Stricter regulation is not the answer, but more severe penalties are going to be a deterrent. Greenpeace have let themselves down big time for this, not that I had much respect for them anyway in the first place.
  9. I always said i'd make a good comedian, your not laughing now.
  10. Did you hear about the guy who drank 8 cokes? He puked 7 up!
  11. Just checking opinion on a matter- reassembling my Top 80, replaced the 4 main studs to secure the piston cylinder and the head. Should I use 'Red' Locktite, or the 'Blue stuff. Normally i'd use the blue for this type of thing, but due to the excessive heat and vibration, I think the red would be better. GD
  12. De-coking with coke.......!!!!!
  13. Finally got round to inspecting the cylinder of my Miniplane Top 80, just a little coking on the head, and I'd like to take it off. Got most of it off with a petrol soaked rag, and light scraping with a plastic strip, but any better ways of doing it? I'm soaking it in petrol overnight to try and loosen it a bit further. GD
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