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  1. morgy

    Adventure Tiger 160

    Sorry, Pascal is multiple world champion and also the owner or was the owner of Adventure Paramotors
  2. morgy

    Adventure Tiger 160

    your best bet is to contact Pascal Vallee
  3. Roger How many hours do you have on the motor? 2 strokes need very little in the way of "servicing" De-coke 60-100 hours belt tension or Gearbox oil change every 20-50... If your really stuck and would like to learn how to do minor work feel free to give me a call on the Sussex Paramotors mobile number.. We won't be able to get the parts but if you order everything you need I would be happy to show you how to do the minor jobs to keep your machine in the air..
  4. morgy

    Moster 185 MY19 Airbox

    I couldn't say about other dealers but if Vittorazi have released an item that "fixes" an issue then the dealer should supply you with the parts FOC.. I know i would...
  5. no worries.. just give us a call..
  6. The S2 and R3 are different EN ratings! you should be asking what your hours are and what EN rating you want to fly with.. If new go R3 It will also depend when or what time of the day you fly. The handling, speed, and collapse characteristics on the EN-C speedster 2 will be more dynamic. If your not sure it's always best to call up your Ozone dealer and chat to them about your skill level and flight style.. Regards Mark sussex paramotors
  7. We do not get a heads up on new release dates until about two week prior so couldn't quote for one until we have the new prices. I can give you a price for a spyder and adapt it when the new price list is released if you give us a call. Sizes will also depend on the weight range of the wing and may be different from the Spyder.. www.sussexparamotors.co.uk Mark
  8. morgy

    Changing to an E-Props from wooden

    should be a straight swap over.. We have Polini prop bolts in stock in various sizes if you need them
  9. morgy

    Polini Thor 100 engine

    we stock allot of Polini parts www.sussexparamotors.co.uk
  10. Hi Blue Brick Feel free to give us a call www.sussexparamotors.co.uk There have been allot of Spam website recently so be warned if there advertising Cheap prices.. Make sure you can call up visit before paying any money.. Another thing to bare in mind before you pay any money is that the Spyder although the current Spyder it is based on the Roadster two which has now been superseded with the Roadster 3. If your not in a hurry it may be wise to wait for the Spyder 2.. All the best Mark
  11. morgy

    Ozone Sirocco top speed

    If i'm wrong so is Multiple Uk and world champion Michel carnet, Alex Mateos and the rest of us International Comp pilots who all land the same way.. Looking at the video there is nothing wrong with your landing tech... But please do go and try and land on a faster trim setting.. it is so much fun!! bring that 3ft down to 1 ft then foot drag landing.. add full fast to the mix and I will place money you won't go back especially in the hot summer with variable winds. I've lost count of the amount of time i've seen pilots fall due to slight down wind landings when the ones who come in full fast just slide in and walk away... when you start flying wings with an Ave Max speed of 78kph you might be thankful you learned to land on full fast on your slower wings. Anyway each to there own...
  12. We are very happy and excited to announce that we are now the Uk Importer for the Nvolo Carbon helmets... Our website will soon be fully up and running with all the Helmets and Options in the range with stock all ready in the Uk and ready to be dispatched You can check out all the details on Nvolo's website https://www.nvolo.it/en/ or give me a call on the sussex Paramotors Mobile number or for all the Students of the PMC you will soon be able to check out try on the Clear Carbon and White Painted Carbon helmets as soon as they arrive with Simon in the next few days.
  13. For a start you don't own a Polini top80 what you will have is a Thor 80.. But joking aside It would help if you said what carb you had... But as it's a PJ i would guess it's a walbro carb... These do not like sitting around being unused for periods of time and can also get clogged up or get blocked if your not filtering the fuel correctly. there is a little wire gause in the carb that can block or partly block or you could just be running really rich top end causing the bog... Or you could have a leak in the fuel pump gasket these are known to be a bit iffy sometimes...