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  1. Moster with 2.67 reduction, two blade 1.30 metres
  2. Partial power launches is what I do , most modern gliders are easy to inflate
  3. You would at least have to say what engine, reduction ratio, Propeller diameter and PDC of hub bolts for any one to help you. What about photo of damaged prop to see if its repairable ?
  4. When I bought my Bailley v5 it had rubber on both sides of propeller. On the Eprop web site they recommend no rubber when mounting propellers as bolts can break. Any body got any input on this ?
  5. Thanks I will email him. I have heard his name before but was not sure about the connection
  6. Thank you Morgy. Who is Pascal Vallee ?
  7. I am repairing a friends Adventure tiger 160, which I believe is a Simonini mini 4 engine. does any one know the spark plug and the gap for this engine? I am also needing a diagram to set static ignition timing and coil to fly wheel gap? Any help greatly appreciated. I have also emailed Simonini.
  8. I had a Ros 125 that would not start when hot. I was told the carb was hot and vaporizing fuel. I put in a nylon spacer between engine and carb, this helped a bit
  9. you can only go for 130cm prop if the cage allows for it.
  10. Keep gap as small as posible but not allowing coil to touch stator. I usually turn stator till magnet is facing coil and put a feeler gauge blade in to hold the gap while I tighten coil studs
  11. I thought it would be as you said problem was erratic, good you have got it sorted.
  12. Check all wiring connectors. I have had this twice and both times it was wiring connectors. This as due to wear due to vibration
  13. Thats the Problem, its getting the weather, but when its good the scenery is beautiful. I am self employed and very fortunate to be able to fly when the weather looks good. If you have to book holidays in advance then it can be hit or miss to get flying coming up here.
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