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  1. As an aging 10 stone weakling I'm finding it increasingly difficult to launch my wing in still air conditions, as I struggle to put enough energy into it to launched. Any suggestions for a suitable replacement wing ? ( And why that one?)
  2. Hi All, I was out walking the dog last night (Sunday 22nd July) on the edge of Henley on Thames and enviously spied a Red winged paramotor flying around.......I'm keen to meet some other local pilots in the area, anyone know who that might have been? Thanks, Bryan
  3. Hi All, could someone remind me how to stick my position on the member map please?
  4. Thanks everyone for your suggestions!
  5. Hi, Im looking for alternative suppliers of propellers that represent good value for money, in particular for a Top 80. If you have any suggestions, recommendations or reviews I'd love to know. Many thanks, Bryan
  6. Thanks Simon All I need now is the weather ! Cheers Bryan
  7. I'm down in North Devon this weekend and plan to take my paramotor just in case the weather improves. Can anyone suggest good sites for a flight or two ? Is Woolacombe a possibility ? Thanks, Bryan Pap top 80, Revolution, flying 10 years.
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