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Found 3 results

  1. Hi! I am going to switch to carbon blades on my top80 miniplane. After bit of investigation on the market and forum i ended up with 2 propellers. E-prop and Helix: do you have any experience on those 2 model available for Top80? I will go on 130cm. Redrive is 19/73
  2. Hello to everybody. As stated in the title, a couple of very graphic picture are to follow. please be advised ad DON'T continue reading if it may disturb you. I take the occasion of a new propeller accident occurred last weekend here in Italy to a PPG pilot. I don't have much details about this accident, but I'm REALLY TIRED of continuosly reading about this kind of accidents. Many pilots consider a PPG to be dangerous during the flight, but... in my (short) PPG pilot career I've personally heard about 3 propeller accidents on the ground and ZERO accidents due to unusual wing configurations or pilot mistakes, or hardware failure during the flight . According to this I would consider a PPG much more dangerous on the ground, than in the air. Please, please, please, do a favour to yourself and DON'T, DON'T, DON'T turn your engine on except than when it is on your shoulders. I know, it's a little bit harder, but a well tuned engine (you wouldn't fly without a well tuned engine... would you ?) and correctly primed carburetor shal turn on within the second or third traction of the starting cord. And if you have to tune the engine, please do it only after you have uninstalled the propeller. Returning back to the above accidents, as I told I don't have details on the last one, but I know about the other 2. Always the same story... engine turned on on the ground, throttle held in the hand to give some gas and ready to press the kill switch, too much gas, frame starting to move thoward the pilot that trying to hold it squeezes even more the throttle. A fraction of a second, not even to THINK to press the kill switch. And not even the strongest cage can avoid the contact with the propeller. In the first case the pilot has lost 2 fingers. In the second, to which the pictures refer to, my frind has experienced a REALLY bad injury to the right shoulder, that will leave him with a limited mobility of his right arm , and some deep cuts to the right wrist and hand. The engine was a vittorazi moster with 130 carbon propeller on R.ultralight T-rex frame. Please, think about it the next time you are going to turn the engine on on the ground. safe flights, safe handling on the ground.
  3. Hi, Im looking for alternative suppliers of propellers that represent good value for money, in particular for a Top 80. If you have any suggestions, recommendations or reviews I'd love to know. Many thanks, Bryan
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