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  1. Good to read your thoughts on this wing. Currently flying the Spyder and can see the Sirocco being my next wing.
  2. That's what I have, does the job but its nothing special.
  3. I would say you need sunglasses more when ground handling than when you are flying. nothing worse than looking up at you wing with the sun behind it. As for a helmet I am guessing that at some point you will be ground handling away from your school so you will need a helmet. But I 100% agree with not buying too much too soon..
  4. I use cycling glasses have a slight wrap around for better wind protection. think the pair I have now came from Halfords. £20-25 you want something that will last but something that wont matter too much if you drop them. As for Polarised just not that if you are planning on using a phone or tablet for GPS you might struggle to see the screen with them.
  5. personal choice. never used a full visor so can`t compare. but sunglasses are cheaper to replace when they get scratched and I would say they are less of a snag hazard but it personal choice..
  6. Yes I think this would be a good idea, also worth getting a decent pair of sunglasses and a pair of gloves(nothing special). you want to start getting use to wearing these things when on the ground makes thing less intimidating when you start strapping the motor on if you are already use to having these thing on.
  7. I have replaced a line on my spyder and I used the method in the manual below (scroll down to near the bottom). I know it could be a little late now if you are sorted but could help someone in the future Alpina3_manual_EN_v1.pdf
  8. Blue Brick

    Blue Brick

  9. I ordered a prop of them last year just to have as a spare. never used it yet but it looks like a piece of art, was a little disappointed with delivery time If I remember correctly it was around 3ish weeks no good if you need one in a hurry but other than that I'm happy.
  10. Unless you have posted this elsewhere then this must mean that the Captain is among us if he called you about this post... But I have to thank you for the heads up while this is a mainly uk forum I know that there us members here and im sure that there are people who travel or consider traveling to the US for training.
  11. Hi I am looking for information on finding a uk Supplier for these anti-torque fins (like pictured) and if anyone has tried them with any good or negative results.. Many thanks in advance for you help..
  12. Hi I'm in Newark and found myself traveling a hour to get training. depending on where you are there is Airways airports at Ashborn, or ufly4fun at long Sutton.. Both are BHPA and can recommend Mike at ufly4fun.... But if I was going to train again then I would have a couple of weeks in Spain with Skyhighppg better weather and you wont be working around other commitments. Good luck..
  13. if I was going to start all over again and was looing for training then I would travel to Spain (Simon at SkyhighPPG) this way you can get a good block of training get to try things out before spending thousands on gear and stand a good chance of completing your course in a week or 2 instead of spreading it out over a year+ . I also think it works out good value
  14. Sorry I think you misunderstood my last response it was a quote for the Spyder I was looking for.... thanks in advance..
  15. Many thanks...Been flying for a couple of years now and wasn't planning on having any more training.
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