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  1. Pilot Paul

    D shackles

    Looks there’s only one UK distributor according to their website. Is that right? Where did you buy yours from please?
  2. Pilot Paul

    D shackles

    Perfect! Thank you
  3. Pilot Paul

    D shackles

    I’m looking to upgrade the D shackles on my Bailey V4. I’ve been looking at bolted D shackles with safety pins for extra security. Has anyone done this? Any recommendations please? The current ones are 40mm long and 30mm wide. I also want to change the main carabiners too as it’s a second hand machine. Thanks
  4. Could be a silly question, but what do you wear under a flying suit? Is like overalls and just put on over your normal clothes?
  5. Just bought an Ozee Millennium thermal suit
  6. Any recommendations please for an all year round flying suit at a reasonable price? Thanks
  7. This is really helpful, thank you
  8. It’s all getting complicated I’m reluctant to cut the heat shrink as that’s a brand new battery from Bailey and cost a fortune! You think they would cover this stuff in the manual!
  9. Thanks Cas, I’ve got one somewhere from my old RC flying days . What’s PB charge option though? Also, any idea where I can get the connectors to make up the lead please?
  10. Could anybody recommend a battery charger for my Bailey v4 battery please. It would need to have the correct lead to connect the battery as the terminals are covered with tape. Thanks
  11. That’s Good to hear and extremely reassuring! I’m training with the BHPA so currently learning free flight and practicing landings before I’m ‘allowed’ an engine. Getting some great flights from some high points in Sussex though.....Mount Caburn, Devils Dyke etc. I can now strap on the old v4 without worrying about those little d-rings and pins
  12. I definitely doing that, thank you!
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