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  1. Any training schools teaching new pilots again yet? The one I’m looking at is apparently still waiting for the CAA to ease restrictions. I was ready to start just when lockdown hit and the waiting is soooo hard!
  2. I called them today, but they only teach paragliding with their wings then you have to buy your own paramotor to finish. No paramotors provided. Is that normal?
  3. Should I learn with Airworks or Green Dragons Airsports? Any recommendations please. I would prefer a school that provides all the gear for training too and will buy my own after completing the course. Thanks
  4. Perfect! Thank you. I’m not after anything special at this stage
  5. I like this one ICARO TZ Any good?
  6. I totally get the waiting thing, but I wanted to stagger the bills a bit. It’s also a good way of building up my gear without Mrs Pilot Paul realising just how much I’m spending!
  7. I was thinking of a tinted visor for the helmet instead of sunglasses?
  8. Thanks Blue Brick. Can you recommend a good pair if flying sun glasses please? Polarised lenses maybe?
  9. Should I buy a helmet ready to start my training? I know the school will supply them, but as I’m trying to spread costs by buying things gradually I thought it might be a good idea.....or would I look like a nob turning up with my own lid on day one?
  10. No it’s fine thanks. Thank you for asking though
  11. Block him please. My original question has been truly lost in all this madness!!!
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