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  1. I couldn’t have worded it better myself. Writing with a smile on my and my husbands face lol. They are ruining the sport.
  2. I am glad you found a good trainer and are flying. Wish we could have gotten him up in the air. That is what my husband did he talked to many trainers and passed on them, when we found Kurt we honestly thought he was a standup, honest guy, loved training and getting his customers in the air safely and with good instructions. However that was not this case. The only two things that Kurt is concerned about is making a buck, and putting another notch on his belt when someone gets in the air.
  3. Yes Kurt does push to a trike he tried and tried but we were very stern on foot launch. It weren’t the fact that my husband couldn’t get the foot launch it was he wasn’t even showing him how just wanted to push the trike, because he owns the company that makes the trike, but has someone else build them for him. That was out of his mouth not second hand information. The wing is the air design.
  4. KIWI K no I am US based, and live about 1300 miles away from Flight Junkies. Thank you for offering to help but live in the US.
  5. New to paramotor bought equipment and thought I was going to be trained by flight junkies but all he did was take our money and scam us, really need someone we can trust to train us properly and not be distracted, or waste our time, please help. 

    1. Scott Harcourt

      Scott Harcourt

      Hi Laura, Try Aviator PPG in Lake Wales Florida. They have affiliates around the USA and offer the best training. Good luck!

    2. Scott Harcourt

      Scott Harcourt

      Hi Laura, Try Aviator PPG in Lake Wales Florida. They have affiliates around the USA and offer the best training. Good luck

    3. Laura


      Thank you was looking for something maybe more local. I will keep them in mind though. 

  6. I just want to let anyone that is looking to buy equipment and train through Captain Kurt Fister FLIGHT JUNKIES to NOT WASTE YOUR TIME, my husband spent over ten thousand dollars we drove down to Florida so he could train with KURT he deceived my husband and wasted our time. We were in Florida for 2 weeks arrived on a Friday and left two weeks later on Saturday. Yes I will say Kurt can’t control the weather but he had two full weeks to train my husband. The Thursday before we left a 24yr old kid showed up for training his first Day and Kurt put him in the simulator he never once put my husband in it, told him he didn’t put you in the simulator till you were ready to fly, yet he was putting this kid on his first day of kitting with only two hours of kiting, another thing we have only been gone from Florida for two days which means he has only had 5 days with this kid and of the five three days the weather was bad, yet he already has a video of him in the air flying his paramotor, MY HUSBAND NEVER EVEN GOT OFF THE GROUND AND WE WERE THERE 14 DAYS!!! It was pay back cause when we sent the money to him, he told us to make sure he didn’t have to sign for it, to have the mail service leave it at the door. The post officer protecting us highlighted signature required which pissed Kurt off, cause he had to track the mail down cause he was leaving the next day, that’s number one. Number two he tried like hell to get my husband to go with a trike and he kept telling him NO he wanted to foot launch. Every day my husband drove 2 hours to go train, KURT told him to call him every morning at 9 so he could check the weather and every day he never answered his phone, not ONE DAY. when he would go over to Deltona Kurt would be distracted, with family, or phone calls, shooting the crap, instead of focusing on training my husband. His attention span is about as long as a two-year-olds penis. He tells one story after another that he doesn’t even remember what he says, he is a bullshitter every word out of his mouth is bullshit. As a guy he seemed decent but as a business person and trainer he is the worst I’ve ever encountered. He would tell us one thing and than not even remember what he said. He said he wanted my husband in Deltona so he could show up at a moments notice so we got a hotel room, with our 5yr old, so my husband could train, and when we arrived he was like you shouldn’t have came over without checking with him first even though he said he wanted us in Deltona. COME ON MAKE UP YOUR MIND. Now my husband has to spend more money to have someone train him, so he can use his equipment he bought, cause Kurt is a joke. Please please be careful if you decide to go with Flight Junkies. He doesn’t do anything in his business name, checks are made out to HIM personally, which I think is sketchy, he doesn’t give receipts, when you ask for one he makes excuses to why he can’t. I believe HES DOING SOMETHING ILLEGAL. The whole trip was a complete waste of time, Kurt acts like your suppose to know everything about paramotoring when you are there to train and you’ve never done it before.He doesn’t show or explain anything just expects you to watch him and pick it up. There was one other guy who showed up the same day we did and the way Kurt pushed the trike the other guy paid the extra $2500.00 for a trike even though he told my husband and I he wasn’t doing a trike, but ended up cause Kurt pushed so hard, I honestly think he was punishing my husband for the whole mail signing thing and not going with a trike, so it was easier on Kurt. This man should not be in business, and I just want others to know what we went through. UPDATE Kurt contacted my husband and was furious about this post.When he first called my husband he thought he might be calling about coming back to finish up training but that was not the case.The only reason for his call was to try and get this post removed.When he didn’t get the answer he wanted he was very belligerent it started screaming at my husband. My husband hung up on him then Kurt called him back a little while later and still didn’t get the answer he wanted ,my husband had to hang up on him a second time.This guy is so full of himself, he doesn’t care about anybody but himself. My husband said that all Kurt did was bash other trainers on A frequent basis when they were training.Would anyone expected anything less from the Captain. Anybody that has a 5 foot tall cardboard cut out of themselves in his living room is definitely full of himself. All I can say is narcissist. Captain Kurt is just ruining this sport because all he does is run his mouth about everybody that he is threatened by. He needs to do the paramotoring Community a favor and just stop the bashing because everyone is sick and tired of this kind of behavior and want it to end. A little advice from someone that made mistakes getting into para motoring Is to get your training first, pay the money for training. The reason that they get so much money for training is because they supply the equipment you train on and training takes more than three days if it is a quality trainer. Remember there’s no such thing as free anymore and if it is free there is probably a problem with it.
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