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  1. must have been a BHPA pilot
  2. At your weight, 45-55kgs of thrust is more than enough for a good climb rate on a modern wing. If this is a first possible purchase, have a word with your instructor. Im guessing at 65kgs of thrust it has a 130 prop/cage on and some of the larger framed machines just cant be balanced for your height/weight. Just for reference a black devil in a parajet compact frame with a 99cm prop pushes out 55kgs and would be perfect for you. they are quite heavy though Colin B
  3. spigot


  4. Looks nice down there. Any legal reason for not flying the area?
  5. As with most things paramotor. It's risk and reward. I like cruise control but only at height on long calm flights. ( as if I've done a lot of those recently ) but any thermic activity, gusty conditions. Close formation or low level activity and the cruise control is locked off.
  6. How heavy are you? And 5% from vertical is an ideal guesstimated view while under power (ie flying). the unit will hang back a fair bit more during a static hang test. Colin
  7. Who'd of thought it? I had £20 on me not making another year
  8. I have a KD prop. 125cm top/rm 80. Took a while to arrive from the Ukraine and not Ireland as the Ebay ad implies. However quite impressed with the quality. they are quite heavy compared to helix blades but Well balanced (5g difference in blades but dynamically spot on) They work, the pitch appears spot on. And im sure they will splinter into a thousand bits like any other prop on the market when tested to destruction.
  9. Hi Scott, My stupid! The pull start version don't have a stator plate it only has the side mounted coil. While changing the plug, look at the plug cap/ HT lead (make sure it's properly screwed on) apart from that not much to go wrong except a failing coil. Con air sports list a pullstart to electric conversion for the 25Y at £361.83 but double check what motor you have as I'm only going off your picture Colin
  10. Poor starting on mine was caused by a dry joint on the stator plate. So there's a good place to start looking
  11. By the look of the rear casting that's the newer M25y
  12. The 10L limit on fuel tanks was a UK rule until a few years ago when it was removed entirely. Apparently Parajet owners "could" fit a bladder inside the fuel tank, so it would only hold 10L .
  13. I had a vitorazi 80 Lc. Rad/pump/and fluid was less than 1kg so added weight is offset by lack of cooling fins and cowling. Was a great little engine but let down by constant high revs which eventually killed it.
  14. You can... But it's called trespass unless you have permission of the land owner
  15. Simon, my pop off meter is in your garage. Throw it in the van and I'll make use of it over the weekend
  16. Cut 3-4 foot off the starter rope [sMILING FACE WITH OPEN MOUTH]
  17. The other side of the pump action is the flimsy D shape plastic or rubber valve sheets. you will have both in the repair kit, replace like for like. They become brittle and fall off occasionally.
  18. Looks about the right Lt/hour . Check your plug after a good flight, if it's black and sooty you can afford to lean the mixture off a little. If it's a nice shade of brown leave it well alone and buy a slower more efficient wing Sent from my iPhone using PMC Forum mobile app
  19. Or to put it simpler. The 500 ft rule is AWAY from person, vehicles, structures or vessels. You can fly as low as you like. It's a distance, not an altitude Sent from my iPhone using PMC Forum mobile app
  20. Think we've all done it, we just don't admit to it Or manage to get airborne [FLUSHED FACE] Sent from my iPhone using PMC Forum mobile app
  21. If you can fly 1/2 hour before sunrise. Must be legal if you can see 10-20% of it Sent from my iPhone using PMC Forum mobile app
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