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Bore Chasers 2017 dates and event.

admin (Simon W)

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10 hours ago, admin (Simon W) said:

Hi All, 

The 2017 bore tide times are now live :-) So as a result, so is the next event live in the calendar. !! :-) 


There can be a maximum of 100 pilots (limited by space) so it is essential that you RSVP if you want to attend. 




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It's not long at all now until the first fly-in of the year :-) Bore Chasers Spring 2017. 28-30th April. 

The field allows enough space for 100 'Pilots' Max (which is now fully booked by RSVP) 

I would like to ask that at this stage please have a think and ensure that if you have RSVP'd that you can still attend the event. If not, please update the list (link below) to allow others the chance to attend in your place :-):-)

Many Thanks and see you soon!!! :-) 



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Just a quick shout out for help.... :-) 

pretty please would you be able to all bring a handful of logs with you for the fire pit?? 

we burn masses of wood on the fire pit and if everyone were to bring a couple of lumps of wood it would ensure that it can keep everyone warm for the weekend :-) 

many many thanks in advance to those who do :-) 

weather is heading in the right direction for a good weeekend :-) 


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