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  1. sorry andy for mess ,i mean many people including my friend's overdose oil especially explaining" just in case", better more oil than too short. i can't believe 50hr with 66:1 make deposit,untill of course was very rich setup,and cruising on low and middle revs
  2. yes its looks very little,but believe me its it's far more then enough, if anyone start useing this oils like castrol,than very quickly build up on piston and exhaust carbon deposits
  3. with table on the top,a half its in dream zone simply overestimated moster 78kg thrust, eos 150 70kg its joke eos 100 61kg max 55kg in reality and fuel consumption moster 3l ,on the ground only ,slightly higher then idle revs 2100 or 2200,dont know why they misleading this way. if you around 90kg body weight and want fly not only sprint exercise go strigh to nitro 200 or tornado 280 this is only one very reliable motors,nothink cracking ,smacking ,ringing,fouling off , or any other nasty surprises
  4. hi avalore you need to rebuild carburetor with original membranes parts(recommending http://www.rowenacarbs.co.uk/) ,use white membranes which is etanol resistant also you need to check pop off presure ,need to be between 12÷15psi ,looks like your motor are flooded by fuel mixcture ,check also needle valve licking ,should stay close until 12psi,debris from parish exhaust gasket can bee everywhere include inlet and carb pump port
  5. 1 no reflex wing, no trimers or trimers fully in. 2 very,very big mistake attaching camera on the string= additional drag ,wing is flying very close to stall point,no need to much to get colaps like this. on video you can clearly see rear camera(string one) its not in centre,but exactly on the left, problems with harness setting ,pilot relay to much on torque compensation by paramotor (pulling to right when on gas),some moments its wobbling and try to twist him.no feel wing In fact drag to the left side wing+torque to the right side =disaster
  6. motor for you ,I would recommend only Thor 250 or air conception nitro200 or air conception Tornado 280 from Dudek brand you have few wing in your weight range for example Nucleon or http://para2000.org/wings/index.html link above to choice any
  7. I dont know how many wraps you have on HT lead,but need to be max 3 wraps around HT lead protected by insulation tape ,the rest you can simply cut off, if you put too many wraps then you have false reading.
  8. yeaa the best 4 stroke V8 5l ? ? try what Mitch 130 sugest if your reed valve its worn,crack or no sealing properly then fuel its thrown back to airbox
  9. what you mean "no wind landing" its some cain sarcastic rubish???. if I good remember when is no wind you no need to turn around and pull wing down after landingusually wing land in front of you if no wind I can judge its at list 10mph wind from my own practice,other way this wing have no chance to stand in the air without good blowing
  10. motul 710 compare to castrol 2t not burnoff so well,40:1 (125ml/5l) its to much,motul recommending 50:1 (100ml/5l) after change oil from castrol to motul I was similar symptoms like you,to much oil been spit out unburnt,cut dose to 100ml/5l and much better
  11. I use this tape for years from this link working excellent many times rescue my prop from much harder objects after hit tape absorbing energy from impact its eaven very difficult to cut by scissors,to cut that you need new razor blade
  12. You can but first ask yourself do you are confident what you doing and how you doing??? Other worlds if you make small mistake during take off time or landing,without supervision this can be also fatal to you. Make your choice wise.
  13. If tree will be low enough ? Because any forklift is about max range 6m I know because im a farmer ??
  14. Do any 3rd party paramotor insurance covering help and rescue service???
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