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  1. Just going through my training now, weather/capacity dependant hope to complete in next month or so. With a few flights under my belt I am starting to think about any groups in Northants, I know we have the famous Paranoob, would not impose a Totalnoob on such royalty. Are there are any groups, individuals out there who would accept a newbie coming along to be a general help and learn from your experience during my training and then hopefully fly with you once I get my gear? I am in a village in NN14, originally from Duston so happy to travel around the county. Would love to hea
  2. Walt, much appreciated thank you for the reply, can I ask what you flew before or it this your first Paramotor? We are using Parajet and FlyProducts at my school so that is my only point of reference. I have flown combinations of 185/Atom 80, Maveric/Fly Products, for a novice I only seem to notice the harness and power rather than anything else. Talking with my trainers they highly recommend the vitorazi motors and Dudek harnesses, but have not really pushed the cage. I would like new gear, Impuls comes in at a similar price to most newer second hand units with the Moster +, it seems
  3. Hi Walt how are you getting on with the LT. Just going through school myself and thinking about equipment. Have you needed any spares how has the LT held up assuming you have managed a few more flights now. Any update much appreciated.
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