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  1. Walt

    Impuls paramotor

    Hello Stuart. I flew a Miniplane with their standard harness and a top 80 and a Miniplane with a Dudek harness and a Moster plus at the training school. I then bought a Bulldog with a Polini Thor 100 as my first paramotor and now have the Impuls. The Dudek harness was the easiest to get into, the Miniplane standard the hardest. The Bulldog harness (high hangpoint) is ok to get into, the seat board feels big and the whole harness feels very stable and comfortable (Ideal for cross country). The Impuls harness seat board feels smaller and feels "wobbly" which is a feature of a low hangpoint machine, but obviously turns a lot quicker and you can steer it quite a bit just using weightshift. For me a Moster was a no brainer, performance, spares etc and I also wanted new, so I know the history and keep up all the recommended maintenance. I do like the Parajet Maverick, but the cost was prohibitive for me and if you look at the cost of a replacement net at £300-£350 compared to £40 on the Impuls, future costs may also be high. The Impuls is good value and I will probably upgrade to a Dudek harness in the future. Hope this helps. Walt.
  2. Walt

    Impuls paramotor

    Hello Stuart. I have had about 20 flights and 5 hours on it now and overall I'm pretty happy with it. Still find it harder to get in the seat than other harnesses that I've flown (Bulldog & Dudek) but you just have to use one hand to pull it in behind your knees. I have damaged the net and got a replacement net with all the rivets delivered for £40. I got it from Pawel at Parazone in Nottingham, and the service has been good. Hope this helps.
  3. Walt

    Impuls paramotor

    Hi Andy. Thanks for the info. What prop attachment bolts are recommended for mounting an e-Prop to a Moster? When I did the research to replace my bolts I found that the yield and shear strength of 8.8, 10.9, 12.9 all exceeded that of the stainless steel screews that were fitted, so looked at the torque values and found the following max torque values for M6 bolts. 8.8 : 8-10.5 Nm 10.9 : 12-14.7 Nm 12.9 : 14.1-17.7 Nm The Moster manual recommends torquing a carbon prop to 10-12 Nm (so 8.8 are a bit low) and I have 12.9 bolts that have attached a prop to a Thor 100 for about 8 years, so thought 12.9 bolts would be most suited. Any info on this appreciated. Thanks. Walt.
  4. Ideal, thanks David. Can't wait to get up there.
  5. Hello Gents. I know this thread is a few years old, but is there an active paramotor club at Davidstow Airfield? If there is, Please could you let me know how to join and get involved. Any help will be very much appreciated. Thanks! Walt.
  6. Walt

    Impuls paramotor

    I have bought the Impuls LT. Very good value for money and build quality. I did replace the prop bolts, as the ones that came with it were full thread stainless steel with 4mm allen key heads which stripped (the heads, not the threads). I got hardened steel bolts from Accu.co.uk, product code: SSC-M6-75-12.9 and stainless steel washers product code: HLDW-M6-A2. I've only managed one flight with our poor recent weather, need to tweak the harness for easier entry.
  7. Does anyone out there have any experience with or reviews of Impuls paramotors? I've seen an advert for one, but they seem quite new and I'm doing some research to see if they're any good, but there's not much info out there. Thanks.
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