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  1. Walt

    Impuls paramotor

    I have bought the Impuls LT. Very good value for money and build quality. I did replace the prop bolts, as the ones that came with it were full thread stainless steel with 4mm allen key heads which stripped (the heads, not the threads). I got hardened steel bolts from Accu.co.uk, product code: SSC-M6-75-12.9 and stainless steel washers product code: HLDW-M6-A2. I've only managed one flight with our poor recent weather, need to tweak the harness for easier entry.
  2. Does anyone out there have any experience with or reviews of Impuls paramotors? I've seen an advert for one, but they seem quite new and I'm doing some research to see if they're any good, but there's not much info out there. Thanks.
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