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1st Fly-in of the year April 13-16 Winsford, Cheshire.


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Hi Meds,

Not done a great deal of flying recently but manage to go for the occasional quick burn.

A mate who lives next to Oulton Park phoned me last weekend to see if I was one of the two paramotors flying over his house. I wasn't but I presume you were one of them.

Let me know when you are next going up and I will try to fly over. I've been taking off in a field at the back of the house. It's by no means an easy take off and landing but its nice and handy being next to the house.

Let me know if I can help with organising the flyin.

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Nice one - well up for this and nice to have something closer to home. Reposted the info on the Lancashire HotProps forum.

Paul Kilburn's training field is only 20 miles N up the low level corridor so maybe a little XC convoy could be arranged for one of the days ?

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I would love to come and join you Simon but is "up north"

Doesn't that mean it will be all dark and gloomy and I will have to eat black puddings and drink Bovril (not to mention buying a whippet and flat cap so I don't stand out)?


Southern softy Eddie :wink:

Nothing wrong with standing out,

You usually do anyway :lol::wink:

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Banbury x country paramotors will be their so will Banbury tandem paramotors, we are looking forward to meeting you all , we fly nucks and synth tandem, two motorhomes.

Would Banbury Paramotors be willing to take the 'other half' up for a quick buzz?.................for a drink of course :wink:

Just that I am asked the question continuously 'Whats it like up there?'

Looking forward to the Fly-In, would be good to see some old faces and meet some new!!!

Come on Kent posse get yer kit out and get up there!!! :D


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