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  1. Is it possible to tow a banner and if so has anyone tried it? I know people have towed streamers by picking them up after take off but do you think it would be possible to pick up a small banner in the same way?
  2. I live about 100 yards from the Murco garage on the A49. Racecourse Lane. CW6 9EF
  3. I can't promise but it would be good to go up. Keep me posted and let me know if you go and I'll fly over from mine. Have you got the same number? Ends in 637
  4. Hi Meds, Not done a great deal of flying recently but manage to go for the occasional quick burn. A mate who lives next to Oulton Park phoned me last weekend to see if I was one of the two paramotors flying over his house. I wasn't but I presume you were one of them. Let me know when you are next going up and I will try to fly over. I've been taking off in a field at the back of the house. It's by no means an easy take off and landing but its nice and handy being next to the house. Let me know if I can help with organising the flyin.
  5. I'm currently building a house for myself. I'm going ground source heat pump for my heating. Personally I think solar is a waste of time. With the government grant, I worked out that a solar system would give me 1 free month of electricity per year. Not worth the outlay as far as I'm concerned. Now the grant is reduced, it's definitely not worth it. I'd rather put the £12k towards new toys!! If you have mains gas, that is still the cheapest way to heat your home, however, if you are off mains, I believe that ground source heat pumps are the way forward. Thats my penny's worth! Chris PS. Hoping to go flying over Cheshire tomorrow, weather dependant.
  6. I enquired last year about taking my motor on the train. Virgin told me that no petrol engines were allowed on trains. I carried out a 150 mile XC in one direction earlier this year. I ended up leaving my kit with a farmer and got the train back home. I then had to drive back the next day to collect my gear. Less than ideal, but all part of the adventure!
  7. Meds, FYI: My 175 goes to 8100 rpm max according to my tiny tach (1.3 prop) I fly a Synth 34 and usually cruise at 7100 rpm with trimmers out to keep level. With trimmers in, I have never had less than 6800 to keep level. It may be a combination between engine issues and the wing requiring more power. Something else to think about. 2 weeks ago, whilst warmng the engine up, I could not get any revs over 5000 rpm. I went through everything trying to elimnate the problem. It was actually the fuel that had gone off. It was only 1 month old but as soon as I changed it for some new Super unleaded, the engine immediately went up to 8000 rpm. Anyway, I may get out this evening for a quick fly. Are you still flying from the same field? (Behind Police Station). Chris
  8. I may be out there in the next couple of weeks. I don't suppose you know anyone that would hire a motor if I took my wing with me? Do PAP do anything like this seeing as they are down the road?
  9. At 9mins30sec: 'Victors' - One of my favourite beach bars and where I believe we had a drink a few years ago!
  10. I have been asked by Haydock Park Racecourse to film a circuit of their track with my GoPro HD from my paramotor. They want to put the short film on their website and use it for promotional material. Without going into loads of detail, they want me to fly around the track, low level, going over hedges! The track would be closed and no public would be on site. I did ask why they don't just put a camera on a jockey's helmet but they said they have already tried this and the footage is too 'jumpy'. Although I would be happy enough to do this, I feel that I would be breaking a considerable amount of rules and then for them to be viewed by the public. I'm not so sure it's a good idea to get involved. I would be interested to hear peoples opinions on doing this before I accept the role/challenge! Haydock does have a landing strip in the centre of the track, if this makes a difference. I would not be paid for this, I am doing it for a family friend who is involved with Haydock. Any thoughts?
  11. I would love to post some of my videos on here but won't due to likely comments I would receive. I guess I'll keep them for private eyes. Great video by the way.
  12. Agreed,...some detail would be appreciated.
  13. Nice one! Glad to see you back in the air again. Thought you were going to land on the dog running in front of you! My dad tells me there are a few paramotors keep flying over his house in Marbella. In particular one with a yellow wing. Sounds like there are a few pilots round there now.
  14. Which app do you have that gives airspace?
  15. Just wondering how long people like to keep their wings for, before they think they are unflyable, unusable etc. Also, I was wondering what people use as a rule of thumb for service intervals on their wing. I've not flown many hours in the last 12 months, but was wondering about sending the wing to Aerofix for a service anyway. I obviously carry out my own checks but the last time it went for a service, they found a couple of small holes that I would never have found myself. I suppose it gives peace of mind if nothing else. So, what do you do? On another subject, my Doberman ran away yesterday. After 5 hours of searching on the ground, I decided to get my trusty flying machine out. Took off and after 5 minutes I found him charging round a field half a mile away. Contacted the mrs who went and found the stupid mutt. So, I've found another good use for a paramotor!!! Chris
  16. Hi Archie, Noise is an issue for me. I would like a quieter engine or better hearing protection. I'm sure my neighbours would prefer a quieter engine too! Regards Chris
  17. I can only give an opinion on my Bailey 175. I'm very pleased with it but I have never achieved their fuel economy figures of 2 litres/hour. I tend to get 3 -3.5 hours to a 10 litre tank full but I am flying a Dudek Synthesis 34 which does tend to be power hungry. I have found it very reliable but the only complaint I have is with the battery. It must be fully charged in order to start the motor. And with no safe way of manually starting, it has left me in the occasional predicament. However, I have noticed that Bailey have now brought out a more powerful battery to compensate for this. As for WA, it's my 2nd home. I used to work in a tiny town called Jerramungup many years ago. It's about 2 hours north of Albany. I try to go back as often as I can to see the family I used to work for. One day, I could easily see myself living in WA. (Not more Poms I hear you saying!) Anyway, I hope others give you more feedback. All the best Chris
  18. So where are you up to then? I saw you fly over my house yesterday but the conditions looked less than favourable! Keep us updated!
  19. Good luck Paul. Where are you taking off from on Saturday. I may come and watch you start. Weather is looking good for the weekend. Which way are you planning on going? Clockwise or anti clock? Chris
  20. Cheers Pete. I want to know if the village of Norley is in Airspace or not. Was planning on visiting a friend tomorrow. I have a feeling it is or it will be very close. I think I'm going to have to get the map! Those EasyJets seem to be getting lower and lower at the moment!!
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