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Flying trip June 2021


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Will do Alan. I had a chat with Dan Burton, who flew all 500 miles this year - there is an article all about his trip in the latest issue of cross country mag. I don't want to fly the whole route as this needs back-up driver and also much of the route is not that scenic. I just want to fly the best bits and Dan said he will let me know where he thinks we should go. I have a roof tent for my car and my machine goes on a bike rack on the rear. Although I am disabled this allows me to go anywhere easily. :)


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Sounds like a plan. Geoff my flying buddy has also expressed interest.

Just taken this from the North Coast 500 site, I was not aware of this.

‘Wild Camping’ under the Land Reform (Scotland) Act 2003 is only allowed when camping by foot, bike or other non-motorised transport. It DOES NOT apply to motorised vehicles such as campervans or motorhomes.

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Wild Camping added.
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I am going to arrange places to fly and stay, with a flexible itinerary to suit the weather. Any number can come with some transport/tent/etc. Let's get a group together and then work out transport arrangements eg I can take one other (+kit) with me if you have own tent.

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59 minutes ago, Lee Jackson said:

I hope you get to do this Neilzy... one way or another you will get to have some time away this year!


Cheers Lee yeah times are tough and was so disappointed with the demise of the Italy trip but hey ho hopefully Dan will sort another next year. 
Chatting with Henry may even sort a boys trip ourselves next year 

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Was yhat the trip a few weeks back? I was wanting to do the Italy trip (just the week before when someone dropped out) but my wife would not let me because of the possibility of Italy joining the quarantine list. As she works form home it would affect her business. Then Italy joined the quarantine list!

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Hi chaps, I dunno if I'll be up there then, but if I am, I'd be keen to join for a few flights.

Alan - motorhome camping wise - it's very different from england - where every car park has no overnight signs, and if you somehow manage to find somewhere you think should be ok, you get horns tooted at you at 2am and folk treat you like a pikey.

In scotland, provided you are sensible, don't make a nusience and clean up after yerself there are loads of car parks and spots at harbours, coastlines, etc where you can park up. No one bothers.

The 500 though was probably the worst thing imho to happen - as you get pricks in 8m long double axle hymers driving around 1 track roads, etc - frankly I wish it hadn't been a thing...if I wiz you I'd make a route that isn't on there for the most part - though there's certainly some bits you don't want to miss.

As for flying - all I'll say is because there is right to roam across scotland, in my experience most land owners when approached are happy to let you take off and land when asked as they're already primed to expect people on land. But do ask - right to roam doesn't mean 'right to set up and fly my paramotor'.

However as you go further north and the farmland disappears you get into land with no boundaries, etc. It's still owned (mostly by some english lord dick), and may have beasts grazing, etc - but as long as yer considerate you should be fine taking off/landing.

What I will say, is that if you are not experienced flying in mountiains, please take care. Wind direction is rarely what the weather says, and in anything over 5mph wind, being too close to a mountain at the wrong bit can see you in serious turbulance or worse.

Also, bare in mind that a land out might leave you miles from a living soul, with no mobile signal. I fly always fly with a PLB, foil blanket, etc just in case.

And remember water kills... the loch's aint knee high like in suffolk, they's 100s of meters deep.

And check yer NOTAMs - the NW is the low flying playground of the RAF and USAF.. And be on the look out anyway, as they don't always file them (as I found out myself a few years back).

Lastly, please don't fly like a prick. There's not many pilots fly the highlands regularily. and some places have very limited places you can take off. So all it takes is a few arseholes flying 20 feet off the ground worrying sheep, buzzing houses, flying low along a beach with dog walkers, etc to mean the land owners is unlikely to be as accomodating to the next guy that turns up... watch the paramania idiots flying up there for avlesson in what not to do (e.g. flying 1 foot above the train at the GlenFinnan Viaduct, etc.

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Thanks Stu, appreciate the help. I fly the south of Spain usually, 4800' mountain by the sea next to where I take off. Only twice in 4 years have I ever managed to fly low over it as the wind is rough!

My plan is to only fly the best bits of the NC500, so mostly the west coast. If you have any thoughts on "best bits" please let me know.  

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2 minutes ago, asquaddie said:


How many days are you planning for the circular trip?? :-)


Might not be doing the full circuit. My aim is to fly just the best parts, which is mostly the west side. Also not planning to cross country with support drivers, but to take off/land from the same places. Was thinking probably a week.

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I haven't finalised anything yet. I was waiting to identify those interested then sort out what we fancy doing. I think 2 to 4 vehicles could work. More could get tricky in finding locations to stay.  I have a car with a tent on the roof - like a camper van, but smaller and without all the facilities!

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