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Don’t want to get excited yet but

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The weekend was looking good for us down south this morning.

I didn`t get too exited as there is plenty of time in five days for the forecast to change.

Sure enough, about an hour later it`d completely changed to un-flyable..! (the calm weather has shrunk and shifted to Monday..)

The thing i noticed about last year was the lack of settled, calm weather for extended periods - it seemed to be isolated days here and there and you had to act fast and ready to fly at short(ish) notice, and the forecasts would change radically from day to day if not hour to hour.

Andy, yep - sub 6 degrees is cold, 6 - 10 is quite manageable, though i have found.

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aye its looking good. I'm gonna have to get my FOURTH ACL knee reconstruction mid february (heavy landing at Ben Nevis in the rain back last summer) - so will be my last chance for a flight for 4-6 months I reckon before I'm fully 'bionic' again.. so might have to brave the fecking cold to be honest...maybe take a day off to get a few flights in.

some of my nicest flights have been in winter (well in snow tbh.. so sign of that in suffolk), but it is a PITA wrapping up, keeping lipos down yer pants to keep em  warm to start up.. more lipos for the heated gloves, yada yada.. still - one has to give it a punt.



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Who flew?

I got two flights in this afto, spent about 2 and 3/4 hours in the air.

The wind aloft was too strong (as forecast) for a classic XC so just headed into wind  (a bit slow) until my hands started getting cold then turned back. Had a warm-up then flight number 2 for an hour and a quarter, similar flight to the first.

Surprised by thermal activity on occasion - benign, but noticeable.

Overall i was quite well insulated, just my hands let me down, surprising how much difference a couple of degrees makes. It was a frosty morning, the first we`ve had down here for a while.

My iphone didn`t like it, either - it turned itself of a couple of times (it does tend to do that in the really cold weather) but after in-flight rebooting behaved itself from then on.

I`d like Vittorazi to make an option of a small generator to power heated gloves - fix some magnets on the inside of the large reduction pulley with a small stator mounted behind - 12V and 30W would be fine. Could fly in winter for hours, then...

Monday is looking very good (for those who don`t have to work)...

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