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Max gust speed

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I've been taught you shouldn't fly in weather where gusts are more than 12mph and roughly no more than double the regular wind speed. 

Do you guys have a a max wind speed you'd go out in? Is there anything else apart from wind and thunderstorms I need to keep an eye out for?

Additionally, I use windy and the Met office for weather reports, what do you guys use?

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Hi big daddy that sounds about right,I never fly in wind speed above 10mph ,and 2mph gusting to 10 mph will keep me on the ground, Have  been up there 3mph gusting to 12mph and it can be very rough,but you will find your own limits and that's fine just becarefull in-wide open spaces and at the coast  higher wind speeds may be ok, less rotor ,monitoring the wind speed for at least 15 minutes and be safe. Geoffw.

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Can't say that I like to fly in gusty wind at all, gusts at 12 mph above regular wind speed and I would not launch from the ground. If it picks up when in the air I would aim for a landing if I lose forward speed at lower altitude. There should always be a good margin. It's not that it's impossible to control a regular wing in wind speed like this, it's just not fun to fly in.

More on the topic here : 

Also, aviation weather reports is just what it is, made for pilots, so it's useful to learn how to read TAF / METAR. Other than that I like some local weather stations where I can see a graph how spiky and stable the wind is, not just in strength but also in direction. The Holfuy stations are great. But other than that, windy is superb, it have everything! The better prepared you are the safer you will be.
Learn how the local weather works. For example where I live we have a sea breeze on sunny days that the forecast almost always miss. This is common on days with perfect PPG weather, it can be a 180 degree wind shift while you are in the air on the evening. Nothing to panic about here, but much better to stay high up in the air, since it will stabilize quickly.

Temp/dew should be on the checklist, easy to miss,  might save you from a disaster.


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Thanks for your advice

so Ideal weather is 8mph with no Gust. 

max 10mph with gust no more than +/- 5mph.

But in UK its very hard to get the ideal weather lol.  Too gusty. and if no gusty, no wind!


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Old thread! But this is very much still a current topic.

In my very limited experience, weather forecasts and wind numbers are only helpful for big picture context (weather radar is even better for that). It comes down to very local conditions at your launch site plus your comfort level on any given day. Some days I go out and kite the wing and everything seems good so I go for a flight. Other days I kite a bit and it feels like twisting winds, or little thermals, or I'm feeling a bit tired or hung over or distracted and I just put the gear away.

If the weather forecast is even vaguely close to flyable, it's worth getting out there with the wing to test things out. If it doesn't look good, at least you got a bit of ground handling practice in, and you'll have learned more about the weather.

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Is it true that you cant find good place for kiting in midlands. seems so much gust, maybe too many buildings or trees. 

I think the only place for good wind and little gust is by the sea? 

From midlands, always far from the sea, so i will only go far, if i can find good weather / good 8mph with no Gust. 

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1 hour ago, ma001 said:

Is it true that you cant find good place for kiting in midlands. seems so much gust, maybe too many buildings or trees. 

Cant see that being true.
Coasts do tend to be smoother if there is an onshore breeze but why waste the challenge of tackling the lumps?
It can be choppy or "switchy" this time of year, just find a big open space, make sure the gust don't go over 10mph (ish) and tune your skills.
Make sure there is also plenty of room to take a dragging... Big thermal could potentially add 10mph for a short spell :) 
Doesn't happen often but it can/does happen and people do get hurt.

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`Kiting` is a waste of time anyway because winds strong enough and with enough duration to `kite` a wing are conditions you won`t be flying in anyway and will be of limited use when it comes to your actual flying.

The best paramotor conditions are low to no wind and that means a forward launch....

Any location later in the evening when winds die right down and dictate a forward launch is where your time will be spent more productively and be of any future use to you . Any local park or open space would be suitable for that, no need to travel miles..

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