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  1. Also, whats the reason for the paint on the carburetor, makes no sense https://photos.app.goo.gl/z5VNaEWQvUegoSndA
  2. This is the ground clearance with a 130cm prop on the 140cm race V2 frame. No need to even think about starting it sitting on the ground or with a knee in the harness I will also avoid power starts, even if it's possible. https://photos.app.goo.gl/xjkTQHm883mJqJLcA
  3. Problem is, even if I'm aware of my fuel situation and use the mirror, I sometimes get the feeling, aahhh fuck it, I want to check that place over there before I land... and minutes later I have to leave my stuff and walk 2 km to get my car No instrument can stop curiosity (or stupidity) But sure, it's fun to invent stuff!
  4. Well, they have a couple of other adds that are about the same While we all usually promote safety, we should at least see when it's not relevant to rant about it. Like in the video, or when that youtube inventor uses two parajet paramotors for a hoover bike. Or when someone is playing with explosives... kinda pointless to point out the most obvious. Better watch, joke and have fun about it.
  5. But how is it to fly? I'm waiting for a good video!
  6. Casper

    Other interests?

    Start with free flying! Lots of hike and fly, and a bit more skill demanding than PPG. I took a soaring course and I love it! A complete paragliding kit can weight a bit, and you often carry water, snacks, and quick bag, then the uphill walk. Just perfect sport to do when it's too windy for PPG. You can even use a reflex wing with great benefit if you are soaring in strong or turbulent wind. I think it's partly true that free flying can be more social than PPG since you have to gather at spots to practice it. Other nice sports, Kite surfing and longboard cruising. Balance sucks and feeling too old for it? great, just another reason to do it!
  7. I think the opposite, a spinning prop have a much bigger area that will create drag, Even if it's an aerofoil, it's not pitched for the angle it needs to have. Sure it's less pressure on the blade as it spinns, but the turbulence it creates must be much bigger. Same with a boat propeller while sailing, if you let it spin when the engine is off it will vibrate more then if you place it in a gear that locks it. I'm sure someone have the correct science on it somewhere on Internet. But a paramotor with a clutch have less vibrations on idle, and isn't that worth a lot? I personally thinks that clutch is more dangerous than without. And that there are more positive advantages without one. However the few advantages that clutch have weights heavier.
  8. A nice sea breeze and you could soar that place!
  9. Is it a big difference to forward launch with the bigger cages, like 150 cm and the 165cm XL compared to say a "normal" 130 cm or 140 cm cages? I've never tried a big cage. But if 135cm three or four blade is the way to go to harness to power, then I guess it's a reason to go big. Overall the new cage design looks good. Oh, and I must say that the TIG welding on the new frame looks very good, something I didn't like on the first delta frame I saw some years ago it wasn't horrible (crater pipes), Everything improves!
  10. Great news! When old stuff can be upgraded, it always makes the customer more happy and brand loyal. They done it before with development of newer diaphragm, and now they done it again, maybe for the last time Walbro rocks!
  11. Hah! price go down, not a chance! It's still a superb product that will be on the market for a long time. But I seriously think they will do a major update in a couple of month, or early next year, based on the latest development.
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