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  1. ITop 80 Fresh Breeze Carbon Fibre Paramotor Propellor - Needs Repair. This is a balanced pair of 1.25m carbon fibre propeller blades - one blade requires a repair. See pictures. Condition is For parts or not working - was quoted £80 for repair. Includes padded propellor holder. Steve 07885 241 241 - Feel free to ask any questions.
  2. SOLD Mint - DOM 30.08.17 135kgs - Square - 40.1 m2 Weighs just 1440g with inner container Low sink rate - light weight - fast opening times - high decent stability - minimum drift - robust Can ship anywhere with cleared funds.
  3. THIS IS NOW SOLD Fresh Breeze Top 80. 9 hours from new Starts runs flies as you would expect from a Top 80 with such low hours. This is a brilliant light weight paramotor but sadly I just don't have the time to fly. Brilliant condition - last flown 10 days ago. (Some cosmetic scratches to frame and a small scuff on the harness) These are £4700 new. Can ship anywhere. Steve 07885 241 241 Note - a new reserve (Sept 18) has been fitted but this is not included in the sale price.
  4. THIS HAS BEEN SOLD Wowza. This is my full headset - including Bluetooth. This works perfectly as Bluetooth or plug in your mobile or radio. Note - I have tied up the loose cables ( for safety) as I use Bluetooth - there are 2 long cables with a radio plug and a jack plug ! Icaro Scarab Carbon (L) including visor (new £269) Note - this can be made M or XL by buying the changeable padding Micro Avionics PM 100 headset with usual connectors ( New £249) Interphone Cellularine F5MC full Bluetooth ( New £149) Used for 9 hours. Can ship for next day del
  5. THIS HAS BEEN SOLD Ozone Spyder 24 (£3400 new) Red and White - superb condition. Only 9 hours - comes exactly as new with Ozone Rucksack and Ozone stash bag Ozone riser bag £2300.00 Can ship anywhere am based near Brighton Heres the blurb ! The Ozone Spyder from Ozone Paragliders New Features: The aspect ratio remains a very reasonable 5.1. This AR is a great compromise to keep a compact span for better take off characteristics and ease of use and safety in general. We
  6. I was taught if your engines on then so should your helmet.
  7. Richard. Things will be much clearer after you've had proper training. You have enough going on when taking off to be worried about being on land illegally IMHO ? Have a look at this thread :
  8. I forgot to update this thread - apologies.? I spent 2 days driving around various counties and approaching famers/land owners. After a few good conversations I managed to get an email address from a managed dairy farm. I sent the owner and email explaining what we did and I know have a 1000 acre farm to fly from. Ive done about 20 flights from there and all has gone well - I simply put a little bit of cash in an envelope each time i fly. Thanks for all the tips ?
  9. Hi Chris, I learnt last year at Skyschool in Wiltshire - they are based there for July/August then move back to Italy and the Oman (so they follow the weather) then went to Italy for my second week a few months later. To echo what Simon said - its difficult to get 2 consistent weeks of weather to learn in the UK - where they fly in Italy is spectacular and the early morning and late evening conditions are very good for learning to fly plus the Skyshool team are professional and the training is very thorough. Although you have some additional costs in Italy like flights onsite ac
  10. Huge credit to you posting this video - superbly shot and fair play for showing stuff the rest of us would have deleted! keep it up - you will be rewarded in the sky ?
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