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Paramotor Orienteering comp.


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An idea that I have had for quite some time, is to run a Paramotor Orienteering competition.

An example:

10 check points, (all will be take off and landing sites) each will have a special stamp and every pilot will have a card.

In effect it is of course a waypoint task, but one where you have to land and one that we will keep as simple as possible!

You decide how much fuel, you decide how many waypoints you go for.

To give an idea of scale, I would expect 10 waypoints to cross the UK East / West and take 2-3 days to complete.

I am fairly sure that I will be able to blag a few prizes from someone to award to the people with the most points at the end of the 2-3 days, plus a big party at the end of course

Beginner, intermediate, and expert groups so no pressure to compete against the likes of Whitters although he could do with some competition of course :-)

Please let me know if this excites you or if you have any ideas to add.


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Dude, this Paramedic dad business has left me shattered! Was just saying to Simon the other day my ny res is to fly! Have to make sure I have enough hours in the bank at work though.

See you soon I hope!


Yea know what you mean, but sometimes you just have to do what you want to do as time will pass you by :?

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Now this sounds like the ideal way to learn to navigate! After watching the microlight program I fancy a challenge.

Will need a lot of organising? Will it be like the program...............either maps or GPRS?

Looking forward to it.

By the way......where is the best place to get current air maps?


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OK guys,

I would like to pull a team of interested people (but not wanting to fly the route) together to help with the planning. (as it spans the UK! ) :-)

There will be things that the pilots can do to help closer to the time but the waypoints need to be kept a secret from the pilots of course.

I have some awesome ideas to spice it up as well :-);-)


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