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  1. Nice one, my photo is my favorite one of all the many thousands of flying pictures I've taken. It sums up paramotoring perfectly for me in a picture, and reminds me just why I love it so much! Tom
  2. Some of mine.. A bit of slalom action.. My favorite one.. And an unusual angle.. Tom
  3. [youtubevideo] [/youtubevideo]Might help just check it's the same for your wing...
  4. That's an impressive bit of manual machining, I run large cnc machining centers and don't think I would have the patience to machine that manually think I'd have to stick a couple of steppers on the end
  5. Ok think I will have to test fly one, and a gtr, hadron
  6. Aldi has a hd camera on sale from 5th of December, looks similar spec. Got a hero 3 black for £220 on amazon black Friday today
  7. I'm considering a new wing, how different is the GTX to the fusion? might be a stupid question but I just figured that the GTX was an upgraded Fusion?
  8. Doh.. your supposed to skydive out of planes not into them... did know one tell him reminded me of this one... [youtubevideo] [/youtubevideo]
  9. Just hope I pass the exam now!
  10. I agree, it was a very good lecture and I learned a lot Only remember seeing an empty packet of richtea's though! not sure how that happened
  11. Thanks for posting Sent from my iPad using PMC Forum mobile app
  12. Think I might design a new Paramotor harness based on this idea. Just need a Paslode nail gun to attach and a claw hammer for quick release... Very light weight.
  13. Not a bhpa member so would be stuck as a spectator, but would definitely come and watch! (and have a few beer hopefully)
  14. Definitely! try a few setups and pick what you prefer, no such thing as the perfect setup. I personally find it reassuring when I'm having one of my stupid moments that I can see the handle...
  15. Like this on the lines but with a bigger Oring
  16. Just re read your initial post.. Ignore my post's Tom
  17. And being front mounted means you can velcro you instruments/gps to the top. Tom
  18. My reserve is front mounted on my Parajet, http://shop.flybubble.co.uk/gin-gliders-reserve-outer-container should get the mayday in it but might be a squeeze.. if you wanted it in a new container then maybe buy one from the loft and they may pack it for you too? Front mounted is by far the best place in my opinion as you can see it at all times and can throw with both hands if needed.. but obviously better throwing to the side the bridle goes if possible! Like this..
  19. I will be heading up this year, hopefully it'll be improved over previous years
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