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  1. lukebanks1

    Polini 80cc

    Hi I'm selling my Polini 80cc engine. It's done 3 hours and is in Excellent condition. It comes with an undamaged 2 blade e prop. I'm selling to fund a Moster for tandem flying. £2200
  2. lukebanks1

    Parajet Zenith V5

    The engine is now sold. The Frame is still available £2250 IMMACULATE condition
  3. lukebanks1

    Glacier flying

    Thats a great video Seymore!
  4. lukebanks1

    Parajet Zenith V5

    Parajet Zenith V5 (custom colours) 14 hours use Immaculate condition Has had 1st 10 hour service at Bailey (RRP £6250) £5250 ONO
  5. Bailey V5 for sale. Latest plastic tank version Supair harness Only 18 hours use - just run in! Has had 10 hour service All in MINT condition - you will not be disappointed! £4600 Luke Banks (07770 235256)
  6. lukebanks1

    Paramania GTX

    I was the 85kg pilot that flew with Mark on the V5 and the GTX 22m My thoughts: At 65kg on a PAP Pa 125 you'll have plenty of power! It seemed significantly less efficient than the Speedster probably because it has so much reflex. I turns and looses height in the turn like the GTR It oscillates like the GTR in hands off flight and in my opinion would not be much good for XC flying as a result! I definitely felt underpowered on the V5. But had plenty on the Speedster 24 and can maintain height on speedbar on my V5. I free flew the 24 speedster the other day at 5kg above max placarded weight and it was brilliant. (I'm 85kg naked.) Having said all that the GTX launches very easily and is no doubt a fun wing to fly. I have just ordered an Ozone Slalom 21......
  7. lukebanks1

    flying buddy in hampshire

    Herbie, I'm one of the Sussex regulars. As chance would have it I've just decided to sell my Miniplane. It's in great condition. The engine has been bomb proof reliable since I bought it 3 years ago. All thats been needed is the occasional carb kit and spark plug. I've also replaced the the clutch and all the gearbox bearings. It is the ABM version with the XL chassis and comes with the T2HA 130cm carbon prop and a repaired wooden prop. I will shortly advertise it on skyds etc. Ask around... Miniplane Top 80 is hard to beat at your weight. Hope to fly with you soon. Asking price £2000 Luke
  8. lukebanks1

    Using Common Land

    Go for it Peter. Take off and clear off policy has always worked for me as well as avoiding too much ground running of the motor before take off. Hope you're well.
  9. lukebanks1

    Revo 2 vs Nucleon

    I have a Nucleon and a Speedster. Nuc is the most stable xc wing out there along with the synthesis ( but more efficient). The Nuc and synth both need sustained A riser pressure to bring the wing overhead in low wind power off launches at take off setting. I set the trimmers out to +3 in "nil wind" and the wing comes overhead very easily. I very rarely use the take off position for launch on the Nuc - always 0 to +3 setting. Obviously you have to run a bit further on +3 but lean back and let the motor do the work. Haven't flown the Revo 2
  10. lukebanks1

    Island hopping?

    Lundy is on my list of to dos this coming summer. A few of my flying buddies are interested.
  11. Hi Guys, I'm selling my Nucelon 29. Its a great all rounder of a wing - competition winning handling and THE best XC wing on the market. It's in excellent condition and is low hours. Produced Sept 2010. I now fly an Ozone Speedster so no need for this wing. More pics available on request. £1400 Luke
  12. Hi Folks, I'm selling my V5. Have a look at: http://cgi.ebay.co.uk/ws/eBayISAPI.dll? ... 538wt_1373 Luke
  13. lukebanks1


    Small bubbles per say are not a problem and very common. They are due to fuel vapourising in the line due to ambient temperature. All my engines have used an arched fuel line approach to the carb without problem. However if the arch is too large a vapour lock can occur. Most problems ultimately prove to be an air leak usually from a perished primer bulb. I removed all of mine and changed to a single breather pipe which I blow into to pressurise the tank and then prime the carb (Miniplane setup). I would advise going back to the WB37 and ditching the primerbulb if the vibration was less with that carb.
  14. lukebanks1


    I used to use a bakrak. Be very careful using a cover over the paramotor in transit. I did, and once on the motorway looked in my rearview mirror to see the motor tilted backwards at an alarming angle. The whole thing had bent backwards with the increased resistance of the cover forming an air brake. Lots of force involved - remarkably the paramotor frame was undamaged. Can't say the same for the bakrak.
  15. lukebanks1

    Driver need ed wednesday

    Guess I'm Van Wiesel