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2018 events...

James Troup

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3 for me and the family. Parafest for a mad one. PCM summer flyin great people, amazing views and witnessing nature's power and the light aircraft festival which is for charity and a great cause.

If I can get the odd weekend off from the family for the odd bore chase is a bonus :)

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hmm, every one to there own.  this year there are many good events.all are good. a new event set in a different location.but organized by the same well organized.and excellent marshalls and people etc. set near to a beach.and proper runway.and large takeoff area. excellent for all .= family. entertainment.music. trade stands. fun day and night. meet friends. children will enjoy.as well as the pilots.  I can't fault anything .... out of 10 ill pick 8 out of ten.  ill be there this year.already got flying ticket. and watch on u-tube paramotor parafest event over the years.. plenty of space.plenty of loos.plenty to enjoy   ;0)

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