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  1. hmm, check all fuel pipes connections..and then double check.. run the engine look to see any air bubbles.or get a squeezer bottle part to fill with water and a tiny bit of fairey liquid.while on tick over. secure frame . at idle squirt fairy liquid at fuel connectors.and look to see any bubbles. check wire connectors at the coil. and all electrical wire connectors that may be loose. that may cause any problem. check the tube connector that comes from carb case. alloy cast.squirt fairey there too. and look. renew spark plug . double check coil. take cylinder top off recheck re tighten. or tighten. .update 11/1/19 have you checked the parts i mentioned? these are my ideas.....
  2. hi i use to live in glendale az. near lake pleasant years ago. ask tucker gott? or go on face book area az.
  3. flying is abit like life ..... it has its ups and downs ..
  4. hmm, go to flypapuk. and demo afew wings.and ask questions ? concerning a wing or wings. weather ...... permitting
  5. to the country near chequers. uk . and then meet up with .......... ? i dont get out enough....
  6. been busy with work. 3rd flight with the wing.changed the magnets to gin. far more stronger. the oscillation as seen.. wing cost £4,000 i expect alot more from ozone!!. they say they designed this wing for ease of use?? if i choose a xc .i dont want a wing that oscillates... full stop!!. ive brought this wing if i pick up on anything iam not happy with .. i will speak up . i will not keep it to myself. but this is from me. others may think different... for a £4,000 wing thats smaller .less materials used.and should be better the other ozone wings... so they say??? hmm, anyone know the ozone paramotor testers by name ...?
  7. mark where does it say = quote" keeping the brakes on the magnets when doing spirals or Sats"??? i can't see what you thought you saw? recheck .. quote the manual on the freeride says this.. "Tony as it doesn't say you CAN NOT do a power forward, they advise not to as it may upset the way the wing comes up.. ah sorry its like saying if i have over one thousand air hours i still cant do a power launch.!! if i can do a power launch on a viper 3 then a newer wing like the freeride i still should be able to do a power launch. do you agree yes or no? or watch my takeoffs using the power launch with the viper 3.. live and learn .. " does it say on the viper 3 manual the same words? . and keep in mind i use the old technique to get me off the ground ..where there's a pilot who has less experience then me.. cant get off the ground ? or is there a change in the two manuals ?? but remember the freeride costs more and is newer. but please check? and whats dick wanging? big ears. spirals. sats. maybe a sat is harder.but the rest most experienced pilots can do .i can do all and iam no competition or slalom pilot. oh you left out something. no mention at all of you showing a video of you doing big ears.. deep spiral. or a sat. quote" Big ears is not an acro manoeuvre " please check yet again i did not say that a big ears was acro. .i asked if you could show us on video? anyone who is competent should be able to do big ears. if they need to. e.g cloud suck. or avoidance please show me if you can do big ears.. deep spiral and a sat then ill show you. on video . or are you chickening out. you asked me.to show you ... remember but ill show you after ive seen what you can do.if you watched my videos .deep spirals.. big ears. a sat .i can do and ill show you on my action cam.after ive seen you . not too much to ask ... is it.or is it? gather your men to help you out......now i remember quote from simon westmore = "dick wanging " like flying its all a test u savvey!!!
  8. hi, mark the issue I have with the freeride is ozone states the brake toggle magnets are better..? there not.!!! hence why I have changed to stronger magnets.= gin acro. now please compare ozone freeride magnets to gin acro magnets then you'll notice a great difference. do you sell ozone wings? are ozone wings faultless? the power launch? a question for you. now I have a viper 3 unsheathed lines the updated freeride has sheathed lines. i can do a power launch with the viper 3. I only have to look at mine or sneeze and she is over my head. now from experience, the freeride is not so easy? is it because with sheathed lines it makes the wing slightly heavy.? depending on the skill level of a pilot. if the wind is nearly nil.and you look around and see other pilots cant take off.!! then the power launch which you say is an old technique..is an option. that will get me off the ground. no matter what. depending on the pilots' skill level.? pilots with modern wings are only as good as there skill levels.you can have a modern wing. with a not so good pilot. who doesn't know what hes doing .hence he won't take off. please show me .you doing big ears?. a deep spiral.? and a sat.? post up a video. shouldn't be a problem you flying in the comps? any type of acro you think you can do ill do better.!!. so post a video big ears. spirals and sats .you first once ive seen yours ill do far better...... mate. oh p.s. having stronger magnets better than the magnets that ozone has.e.g gin.with ozone 2d toggles just pulling the tst line the toggle can get disconnected.which in my mind.. i don't want.. hence stronger magnets wing size 23m
  9. hmm, still testing this wing nearly costs £4,000.00 pounds theres alot of less material used and for what it is. less material used but costs more???? why? iam changing the brake toggles.. the magnets are far too weak for what i want .spirals.sats .etc. changing to gin acro. the lines are far better.. the sheathed lines making the wing feel heavy.. in the manual it mentions power launch??? not recommended?? £4,000.00 and i cant use the power launch??? i use the power launch on the viper 3. but the freeride?? hmm, still testing
  10. I have asked rob salt to put this video on here with permission. hes a friend of mine. the wing is a tandem wing .air design ramaflex.. the harness is specially made for the size of the pilot. trained at ukppg. quote after rob salt landed he mentioned" why do people keep looking at me?" i replied coz you're so big...... enjoy


    hi images of sunset when flying with a paramotor.
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