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    • PMC Coast Run. (Cornwall)
      By richjones,
         It wasn’t a complete washout. Well.. ok maybe it was 😂
      we were staying until Monday but our van was playing up and made us almost immobile which wasn’t so good in the downpour so we called it this morning. 
      Giles flew twice which was good to see. Far too windy for me though. 
      Good evening around the fire on Friday. Had a 7.5 miles walk yesterday because the van wouldn’t work then the downpour from 3pm all through the night finished it for us. The van worked this morning. We were last to leave the field and had a day in Looe (we decided we want to live there) followed by a picnic on Bodmin moor and just got home. Still managed to make a nice weekend of it😁
      Having seen some scenery today I really hope there’s an opportunity for a fly-in there next year. 
    • PMC Coast Run. (Cornwall)
      By andyy,
         It was a great group reece and chin wag. I definitely cannot wait for the next one in Cornwall! looks like some amazing flights to be had from the site 
    • PMC Coast Run. (Cornwall)
      By geoffw,
         Well done Simon as good as your word 3 pmc fly-ins this year .ive got to buy you a beer mate.

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