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  1. Attack the person making the video with insults and abuse, but then offer to come and help do a review, hahaha classic. you should share the email Simon.
  2. Seconded for Clive. You can book a tandem flight with him, that will give a great experience of what it's like. Of course from then you'll be hooked! But he can take you right the way through to being a trained pilot. Northampton here so welcome to the forum and maybe we'll catch up sometime. Andy.
  3. If you're thinking Ohms law, it's the other way round. Reduce the voltage and the current draw will increase.
  4. I'd be surprised if your starter is designed for 16.8v. I would say it's more likely to be an automotive one designed to run on 12v that's just being over driven slightly.
  5. All the charts have really good notes on them to explain everything, but your training should cover it anyway as it's the part of flying we HAVE to adhere to. .....You don't want to become a mention on the local news channel for flying where you shouldn't!
  6. like these.... https://www.flightstore.co.uk/pilot-supplies-c1/charts-c2 *there are other places to buy too. If you're buying one, go for the quarter mill. Half mill is also useful for higher altitude stuff. Andy.
  7. Wind sock Air charts Fuel can Paramotor books are always a good one
  8. Nice one Rich. I saw your butt drag at the bore, OMG can't believe you made it off the ground! Kudos! There were so many people sucking through their teeth and willing you to get airborne that my ears popped We briefly met as I was the one that came over to say Clive was on his way to you. Glad it's going well and i'm sure we'll meet up in the sky soon. Andy.
  9. I think you are right. I think offline maps are on Android only. I got a cheap tablet to do the job, not actually for the maps, but to free up my phone. Andy.
  10. Looking forward to a great weekend. Weather is looking spot on. Bring it on!
  11. Came back to work this morning for a rest. Still totally shattered from the Rafa event.......and i wasn't even bloody flying! The boys did such an amazing job, pushing through flying weather that was pretty horrible at times and certainly for Paul, stuff he'd never flown in before, but he just got on with it knowing he had a job to get done. We had some amazingly lucky timings, that could have easily caused us problems but were on our side for the two days which we were grateful for. Thank you Simon for your help with it. Without your help and help from all the other supporters, it simply wouldn't have happened. No way could this have worked as a 2 man or even 4 person mission. It was the whole team of people pulling together to make it possible. Andy.
  12. Simon, I can categorically confirm that there were no massages involved in the event. Paul kept insisting he gave me a massage but I refused every time. Just got back home and working my way through some of the video. Thank you so much for your support on this, it was such a massive help. PMC Rocks. See you all at the bore!
  13. If you're willing to head south a bit for the Tandems, you won't find anyone more experienced at them than Clive Mason cmparamotors.com They are based in Market Harborough, just south of Leicester. Welcome to the forum by the way. Andy.
  14. I popped over to Clive's on Saturday Rich so I would have seen you there. There were two guys practicing reverses with motors on and both looked like they had it nailed so one must have been you. It won't be long at all until you're up in the air. Andy.
  15. Good to hear it's going well Rich. I still remember the feeling I had after landing from my first solo. Not sure if it was the adrenaline rush from the actual flight or relief to be back on the ground but it felt so amazing! I was desperate to get back up again, i thought of nothing else until my next flight. You're in good hands there and you will totally love it. Andy.
  16. Seconded (or thirded) with Clive Mason, all round good guy and very well respected in the paramotoring community. Go do a tandem flight with him as it will give you such a great idea of what the flying is like with almost no risk or costs. Then you can decide whether to go the whole hog and start training. *Hint, you will! you won't be able to stop yourself once you've been up and experienced it. http://www.cmparamotors.com
  17. I've thought the same thing. I'd approach him myself if I were in the position to do it. I see so much potential in it to be a major player in the sport.
  18. Weird! bit of a data mixup somewhere along the line. Well fingers crossed Bailey are doing ok and keep going. I'm not a fan of their customer service, but I do love their engineering.
  19. None of the numbers on your screen shots relate to anything at Companies house https://beta.companieshouse.gov.uk/search?q=01676018
  20. What's the number for the company that's dissolved? Having a dissolved company in itself doesn't concern me at all. I have a couple of companies that are dormant and either coming potentials or past potentials. Strange that the company number on your screen grab seems to relate to something else though.
  21. I hope they haven't gone to the wall or my motor will be worth crisps (i'd say peanuts but peanuts are bloody expensive!) Andy.
  22. That's odd, If i search that company number on the actual .gov site it doesn't show Bailey, but a completely unrelated company.... https://beta.companieshouse.gov.uk/search?q=5138882
  23. I've only done one parafest and it was ruined by weather so I would like to try another one. But on balance, given the choice of either/or, I will be choosing PMC flyin. It's a shame as I'd like to do Parafest too, but the PMC flyins are awesome and the people that go to them make it even better. Andy.
  24. Where are you? we can offer recommendations for training schools nearest to you or flying clubs so that you can meet up with people and get an intro to the sport. Andy.
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