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  1. You need Garmin connect app on your phone. Once it has synced the flight it will show in there.
  2. https://secure.simmarket.com/franz-luftfahrt-paramotor-fsx-p3d.phtml I've managed to get this working. Just .. it's a bit clunky, not sure how much of that is the model generally and how much due to the conversion, but it does work. https://www.avsim.com/forums/topic/580813-fsx-addon-aircraft-in-fs-2020/?do=findComment&comment=4322844
  3. That's a very good point that I had never considered, and probably explains why I was taught left hand throttle. Then again I have seen videos teaching the A's D's method with A's in right hand, so I suppose any combo works, but whichever way you do it you make a very valid point that youd want throttle in the other hand. I'm glad I didn't switch to right handed now, as I did think about doing so.
  4. I went left, my non dominant hand. But looks like I am in the minority from what I have seen. In addition to the above point about having my good hand free for tablets, charts etc, I also wanted my good hand free for throwing reserve, rather than left hand or right hand with throttle. I really would like to have tried both before committing. The vittorasi throttle can be swapped round, if that's an option for you.
  5. Not sure if it helps, but when I looked at this bag I was 99% certain it was the same as the airconception bag. I believe their website had dimensions on it.
  6. paraflyer17


    The only real risk I can see is people can a) use your password (so change it if you have used elsewhere) and b) use your personal details to try and scam you. Both of those scenarios are already out there, so leaving now probably doesn't achieve anything. Disclaimer: I dont know what details they may have eg DOB etc Hope you get this sorted Simon, whatever their motives it isnt nice to see someone doing their best for the community to have all this hassle.
  7. Are there any options for replacing the coloured hoop on a maverick? I've no need to right now, but my understanding was this was the expensive bit rather than the actual netting. Or is the hoop itself fairly bulletproof and its usually just the netting that gets damaged?
  8. I thought it was a good video. All machines had 2l of fuel in them, that was stated in the video. It wasnt a full on lab test, and they went out of their way to say that. Perhaps you could explain what your interest is, and why you've taken the effort to create a whole new account and voice your displeasure?
  9. Looks good. Any chance of some close ups of where you have attached the new wire to the coil and earth? Seems a no-brainer for the cost of parts.
  10. Sorry, my mistake, the prop is only 140cm as you say.
  11. Miniplane do a top 80 with 150cm prop.
  12. Thanks. I will see if I can do a hang test and see where I can reach on mine. Looks like a nice and simple solution.
  13. It will vary significantly between airports and airspace. Some wont allow microlights for example, due to their low air speed mainly. Does a paramotor have the required precision altimeter, with ability to set QNH easily. Or an accurate compass to maintain a bearing. The OP sounds like he has a very understanding ATC, and probably a fairly quiet one. I'd be surprised if many others got the same response.
  14. Sounds like a sensible solution. Any photos?
  15. I stumbled across a fairly scary video recently where Sandy/Wiltshire Man had a nasty experience with a throttle cable going through the prop. Fortunately he was OK. It looks like the initial reason for this was that a) it wasn't clipped to the swing arm as the new ones are and b) the cable was maybe too long, so those 2 issues can be taken care of. The bigger problem in this case was it damaged the cable and stopped the motor being shut off. Which got me wondering why there isn't a secondary kill/ignition switch on the paramotor body? From the reading I've done it has already been suggested, and sounds like it would just be a N/O switch from the coil to earth (which presumably is all the original one is) Has anybody done this, and if so do you have a guide or pictures? Sounds like a very simple mod for a bit of peace of mind. Or are there any other ways of stopping a moster from within the harness?
  16. You'll probably have to list as a ground handling only wing on ebay. Probably get 50 to 100 I would have thought. Assuming it does actually launch ok.
  17. I believe the real reason is public perception. Plus of course, whether you agree with the rules or dont agree with the rules, it simply doesn't fit with the current essential exercise criteria. Whether you or I agree with those rules, or indeed the entire lockdown, is a seperate issue which I probably dont want to go into here. Its certainly interesting to note the number of people on horses that also dont meet the criteria, but dont seem to attract the same negative public perception. But otherwise I agree, from people I know in hospitals, A & E is like a ghost town. But then again if everyone went flying, skiing, surfing would that still be the case? The rest of the hospitals have pretty much closed down too.
  18. I saw that. Looks well dodgy. Its too cheap, generic photos, he says he has 3, and wants paypal only.
  19. The website is a waste of time, but Paul does reply to emails. pb@baileyaviation.com
  20. Giles Fowler used a bailey hornet for his altitude record. Not sure if there was a specific reason this was used, but may be worth investigating. Perhaps 4 strokes are better than 2 strokes at altitude.
  21. +1 for easy VFR. Free, regular updates of maps, and daily notam updates on map. If you have access to a windows PC you can generate routes on skydemon light and transfer them for use in easyvfr. The transfer is a bit fiddly, but its doable. I run it on a cheap tablet without much issues (Huawei mediaset t7) which has gps but no barometer. I dont know of any android tablets with the latter. The downside is finding a screen readable in direct sunlight. For that reason I have made a cheap kobo also. Yet to try it but functionality is nowhere near the above. I am hoping to use both.
  22. Yes, a lot more of the recent ones do. I was thinking more of the ones from 2-3 years ago that are still knocking about at a bargain price. You are right about the product line though. 90 percent of the difference is just software. The higher end ones are allowed x data screens, the lower ones just get one etc etc. Good effort though, cant wait to try it out. Thanks
  23. Good work. Might be worth mentioning that not all garmin watches have a barometric altimeter. Even if you can use gps altitude on this, it would be worth paying a bit more for the real thing. Rule of thumb would be if it counts stairs it will have proper altimeter.
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