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  1. Hi mate have you got any photos of your old conversion. The link has now expired and I’m looking to do something similar by the sounds of it Vinnie
  2. I have just bought an Oudie 5 and applied to the CAA for the rebate via their website. It’s been a little while and I’ve had no response as yet. I was going to get the Oudie regardless but the rebate would be very nice. I’ll keep you informed of any progress if and when anything comes back
  3. Hi Dave is this field still available to use ? I live just north of here near Sturry. vinnie
  4. Hi all I’m newly qualified in PPG with a fair bit of free flying experience. I live near Canterbury and I’m looking for some kindred spirits to fly with.
  5. Thanks for the replies guys. I believe the maverick allows for the throttle side to be changed so I’ll try it for a while and see how I get on. There doesn’t seem to be any massive safety issue for either option so That’s allayed some fears
  6. Left vs right-handed throttle ? I am in the process of converting from paragliding to Paramotoring. I have bought a Parajet Maverick my question is what are the benefits, safety considerations, technique considerations and simple personal preferences of left or right-handed throttle control ?
  7. Ref SkyDemon: How do you set your aircraft as something equivalent to a paramotor ? when I create a route and set my speed as per what a paramotor can expect to achieve, it comes up with a message that the chosen aircraft does not have sufficient performance for the route. is there a work around for this ?
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  9. Hi all ... I'm Vinnie i am a complete novice from the Canterbury area. I have only done my elementary paragliding course but I plan to do my CP course as a package in Spain or Italy very soon. I have already bought a paramotor in readiness for taking it up (a tax/spending decision not an over-eager one lol). once I am qualified, I will be looking to join a club and very slowly build up my hours and would love to spend some time with you more experienced people to learn in a safe environment. Hope to meet some of you soon stay safe and happy vinnie
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