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  1. Hi Dave is this field still available to use ? I live just north of here near Sturry. vinnie
  2. Hi all I’m newly qualified in PPG with a fair bit of free flying experience. I live near Canterbury and I’m looking for some kindred spirits to fly with.
  3. Thanks for the replies guys. I believe the maverick allows for the throttle side to be changed so I’ll try it for a while and see how I get on. There doesn’t seem to be any massive safety issue for either option so That’s allayed some fears
  4. Left vs right-handed throttle ? I am in the process of converting from paragliding to Paramotoring. I have bought a Parajet Maverick my question is what are the benefits, safety considerations, technique considerations and simple personal preferences of left or right-handed throttle control ?
  5. Ref SkyDemon: How do you set your aircraft as something equivalent to a paramotor ? when I create a route and set my speed as per what a paramotor can expect to achieve, it comes up with a message that the chosen aircraft does not have sufficient performance for the route. is there a work around for this ?
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