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  1. steve_FP

    Herne Bay Site???

    Hi Alexander A bunch of us fly from a field very close to your location.You are welcome to come along to the field for a chat. PM me if you are interested
  2. steve_FP

    is this doable !

  3. steve_FP

    Gin Carve paramotor wings?

    New Review https://www.flyspain.co.uk/news/gin-carve-review/?utm_medium=email&utm_campaign=August Newsletter 2018&utm_content=August Newsletter 2018+Version+A+CID_82bf0c57b35cb0a3056d07e53b91965c&utm_source=Email marketing software&utm_term=Read his review here
  4. steve_FP

    Ozone Roadster 3

  5. steve_FP

    Ozone Roadster 3

    Last week I placed and order for my first wing, an Ozone Roadster 2. I was informed that the Roadster 3 was imminently going to be released and did I want a 3 instead? Thinking that a 3 should be better than a 2 and the resale would be better I hastily agreed before seeing any product details. I now have a slight dose of Buyer anxiety as I have come to the realisation that I am buying a wing without seeing a single review. Ozone now has the details online https://www.flyozone.com/paramotor/en/products/gliders/roadster-3/info/ As far as I can tell the major differences are as follows "The Roadster 3 features a new internal structure designed to increases the strength and longevity of the sail without adding weight. Further changes have been made to the twist of the wing and overall line lengths to improve roll stability and dampen the effects of engine torque, whilst improving the overall handling." "Improved top speed", (cannot find any speed data, am I missing something?) The warning about using the wing for Acro has been removed Do you think that that it is a wise choice to go for a Roadster3 without seeing any reviews? Any chance that Ozone would have screwed this up?
  6. steve_FP


    Hi Frosty100, Recently qualified newbie here living in Thanet. Very timely post as I have just ordered my first rig this morning. It would be great to learn the ropes with other experienced Pilots and gain access to flying sites. Thanks very much for posting