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  1. Hi peeps in the area of Bude for a week have kit with me and would like to fly local preferably beach stuff if poss? Any one else out or suggestions? rgds Tim R
  2. New netting ring etc not as resilient!!
  3. Nothing like the original or right colour!!
  4. So these are the’REPLACEMENT PARTS’ for the maverick
  5. I NEVER OVER TIGHTEN to be honest as I’m an engineer and understand such things to be honest.. that said I will be looking I tothe tinox frame as although not keen on the the arms a better cage deployment
  6. So bought a load of ‘replacement’ parts and a new replacement net!...SUSTAINABILITY BETTER QUALITY... not sure the buyers should have to fit the bill to be honest!... still think I’ll be changing frames this year to something more robust!!
  7. Well I’m sure this i has been done to death but for the fed up with expensive failures! Ok I’ve busted a prop due to my inexperience when starting but I’ve now had at least 3 net failures the latest due to a failing boa tensioner in flight which totalled the net and another prop and starting to wonder about what the actual purpose of the maverick net is and if fit for purpose!?! Maybe I’m unlucky and my skills are rusty as my fields are challenging requiring good glider control but I and a paragliding rated pilot and club coach! That said I’m starting to think there are better more resilient systems on the market and not anywhere as expensive as parajet! only once have I had an issue which didn’t result in a combo net and prop replacement of circa £600 Parajet is a fantastic friendly bunch!but boy are the hard work from day one even though it feels like you’re dealing with mates, I’ve had issues failed promises, delayed or lost orders or wrong bits even after numerous calls with the lovely Tom PB still orders incorrect etc and struggles to get a good service! Surely it should be this difficult!.. wish I could just pop in to see them but anything else is like wading through treacle!.. I’ve even got a faster service going through Aviator in the US Long and short of it love Parajet love their creations love the vittorazi moster but need a setup that doesn’t total netting and prop if one or the other brakes
  8. PARAJET... fabulous design TERRIBLE CUDTOMER SUPORT!!.. better service if bought from the US!! I could get a new net and prop faster from then US then ordering from the UK... buy Bulldog or SCOUT!!!. Better customer focus!!!!!
  9. Piss poor attitude to those in the UK !! Quicker anf cheaper to order spares on the UK then direct to parajet in the UK!!!
  10. It’s anazing that after visiting aviator PPG IN the star who have a fabulous customer focused attitude that A uk company as PARAJET couldn’t give a damn to those based in the UK!!
  11. I’ve enquired about this wing as most of my paragliding has been on Mac para wings but apparently 8-10 weeks for delivery only by special order! As for prices much like the other expected over £3000? too much for a punt for me without knowing more
  12. I have ... not had any response so far though and will chase up tomorrow trawled every u tube channel and nothing although I’ve messaged woodygamertag as I think he’s now Flying one but looks like he’s changed the risers!... he’s not responded either!
  13. Hi all.... I’ve got one fresh off the production line in a size 26...so I a can confirm it’s not a hoax? That said I’m new to this paramotoring lark although am a paragliding pilot! Still waiting for U-turn to produce the manual as the cd that it came with doesn’t have a user manual for the Progress on it and personally I’m finding the brake length overly long which is affecting the handling and flair authority on landing! Im flying it on a Parajet Maverick Sport but I can’t find any adjustments for low mid or hang point on the risers as on other wings nor did it come with this 2D steering kit it mentioned in the blurb! Overall, from flying U-turn Paragliders in the past, I’m not disappointed in anyway with the actual product and if any of you are Yorkshire way, feel free to contact me for a fly BC72BD59-3744-4181-B99F-3EF2609F6FA5.MP4
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