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  1. Thanks guys. Based on your advice, concretely I will continue to run aiming for the end of the field (70 meters), telling myself don't stop running until I reach this fixed point. Even if my harness, loose at the legs, touches the back of the thighs and buttocks, I will continue to sprint with my back straight . Voilà. Good evening
  2. Thank you'all for your replies, I'll train next Monday. I will memorize all your advices. See you
  3. Thank you Forecaster Actually, the problem is I automatically (and irrationally) sit down to early, even if the veil is still not efficient.
  4. Hello, I do have an instructor, he just told me not to worried. I just need to prepare myself to concept the tricks to solve this unwanted default for the next training.
  5. Thank you for your advices, lenghten the strap ou bloque the seat in closed position, and run even in the air ! I know now it's a step of learning ; but I never thougt I could have this unfortunate reflex
  6. Hello, I am a French paramotor apprentice, actually on the 3rd flight. Since the 2nd flight, I have encountered a problem (not to be French !), I have an irrepressible, irrational desire to sit down from the start of a slight lift of the wing. So I stop running and find myself on the ground on my buttocks. Of course, this is very dangerous, fortunately the engine is killed in time. I don't understand this reflex, - perhaps from the experience (2001) of the trike (take off sat on a seat), - either from the seat of the harness which unfolds and goes down under the buttoc
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