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I have one.

After using it for one year

Abuse rating 10

I have a paramotor holder in my rear hitch for the truck. Somehow the throttle got lose and after dragging it 5k only the auto pilot button popped off. Went for a flight the next day

Usability 10

It has multiple adjustments for your finger for different size hands and personal preferences

In flight one finger is on the throttle and the rest of the fingers are free to sort out lines check things and even adjust the camera/ipod lol

Saftey 9

It really fits nice on your finger and makes it easy to mount on your hand with the same hand that is holding your motor. If a problem happens the off button is right at the end of your thumb. You can almost hold the motor with the same force (80-90%) you can not say that for the normal throttle.

Install 9

Not to hard to cut the cable and sort out the wires. I had to email them for a wire diagram (emailed back next day)

Only down side is if you put the return spring in it can be hard on your finger (finder gets tired). The motor has a spring on the Throttle already. I did not install the extra spring as it was just to much.

you need to have a look at your motor and see what is best.

In the end;

After using this I'm not sure why people fly without them (should be stock on all motors IMO).. For me its just ridiculous not to have one.

I would not have a motor without one now


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Heemmmm good question

It’s not a bad unit. It’s simple but could be improved.

It’s on the top so you need to push it down “engage’ with other hand. Once on it’s a stepper type unit (if you add throttle it will move to the next notch) however you can also skip back a notch by simply lifting your finger and not turn it off.

You can “disengage” with your thumb on the same hand by pushing the “on” button. The one button pushes the stepper out. This is also good safety (you cannot start the motor with auto engaged)

In a pinch you can push your finger up and go to 0 throttle if needed.

When I say it could be improved for me running the auto completely from one hand would be the best but nothing is perfect.

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All the reports above are great and I've been really tempted to buy one for a long time but without actually getting to feel one and try it out I'm still reluctant to part with my hard earned pennies.

I've been to a couple of flyins and never managed to see one, let alone try it on, and people I have flown with are of a similar opinion, would possibly change if they could have a play, I would be happy to stump up the pennies if I were able to return it, but feel its a bit of a cheek to ask. If there was one made available to pilots to borrow for a bit on a trial and return basis I would certainly be interested.


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I was a little worried too. I had never seen one before and had to have it shipped to Brazil (no way to return it). Only thing I knew was how much I hatted the standard unit. I thought to myself there had to be something better out there! I did a ton of reading and found the same on one had a bad thing to say about them so I pulled the trigger.

When I first put it on I was a little worried about it (just so different). I was wondering about the takeoff landing etc. After the first flight I was completely hooked and could not understand why these are not a stock item for all motors.

For take offs your hands are so much more organized. I remember tiring to get the brake, throttle and front risers all sorted in one hand. The Velcro strap always at the wrong adjustment. In flight I could never get the throttle in a comfortable location etc. Not to mention trying to pull "bigears" with everything in the left hand (All the time praying a line doesn't get caught)

Like I said the first few flights my finger got a little tired (needed to get him into shape, I thought holding a beer was a good workout but I was wrong :P ). Any long flights I kick in the AP and just cruse now.

I don't even want to fly a motor with the stock throttle now (it scares me) lol

After I bought mine anyone with a motor and $500RA has one on their motor now.

lol hope this helps





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The reason they are not more popular imho is the price - 199 Euros is a lot of mulah for some plastic bits of metal, even if there is some pretty good engineering behind it.

Compare that to a "bicycle" style throttle at less than 5 Euros.

I believe the owner of the business would actually make more $$ if they reduced the price to a more reasonable US$99...

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I could be interested in the one for sale and will PM you if I decide to make an offer.

For anyone who has already used one, do you have to adopt a different way of holding the brake toggle in order to prevent it from hitting the kill switch accidently ?

I rarely put my entire hand through the brake handle, just a finger or three which is very natural and comfortable. Don't ever recall activating the kill switch with the brake handle although I did have to stop myself pressing it instead of the on/start button to release the cruise a few times.

I do like mine a lot but the main issue I have (and it's a biggy) is that you need to check that the cruise hasn't been knocked on when kitting up as you can risk starting and locking to an open throttle.

This is a major thing to remember and your last thing to check before pulling that cord (electric starters are not affected). When I go to start the engine the cruise has accidentally been knocked to the on position most times.


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I have one and had 4 flights since fitting it. I find take off that much easier as my hands are that much freer. But you do have to be careful how you hold the brake handle as I found out.

You must keep that finger outside of the brake as you may inadvertently switch the engine off.

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