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  1. Macfly sell three cage diameters with the foldable cage type, the smallest being 128cm. Checkout Mat Minyard YouTube Macfly review video.
  2. I looked into getting a Skyecho 2, haven't done so yet but probably will at some point. One question I had after reading the manual was regarding the callsign which requires a 8 digit code which for a Paramotor not being a registered aircraft, there is no official callsign. After contacting the CAA they told me that although there is no requirement for a EC device to have a callsign, and the fact that the Skyecho won't function without one I should enter eight zeros or eight nines.
  3. This guy does some good wing reviews. Sky Flux
  4. I'm in a similar position in having had a Synth 2 for a few years now and feel its it's time for a change. I only need a wing to be good at blatting around the countryside and not interested in acro. My 26 m Synth will do 32mph on max trim speed which I think is pretty good and I'm not sure that many other docile wings will achieve much more than that. I am looking for a wing which is capable of similar speed but more feedback.
  5. https://www.simonini-flying.com/en/home/23-mini-2-plus.html#product-details Has anyone got one of these, I've not heard any reviews on it yet and it's been out since 2018.
  6. The Walbro WG8 has been widely used on many other engines including the one I fly and I've never heard of any such problems with it before.
  7. Is it for pressing the cage locking buttons when disassembling it.
  8. The top end of the primer should be attached via a P clip to the upper pull starter bolt.
  9. The height of the hang points must also play a part. On my machine with low hang points I feel every little bump but I have heard it said that on high hangpoint machines the effect is much less. I cannot comment on this personally as I have never flown anything other than low.
  10. Although it sounds like a carb issue, the next time you have the carb off it's a useful opportunity to check the condition of the reed valves. The four bolts behind the carb attach the reed valve assembly, look for any cracks or damage to the carbon flaps or petals as they are commonly known.
  11. There are still lots of people flying this engine including myself, try the following website https://poliniparts.com
  12. If you are looking to move up from a Universal, a Hadron xx is the opposite end of the scale and too much of a jump.
  13. You could look at Skydemon which gives you all charts worldwide for no extra cost
  14. No not free as Captain Kurt would have you believe, but then you could look at it that if you trained with Dell you would pay for "Super" training and only have the option of a Flattop and Dominator.
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