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Fuel Gauge advice


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Hi Ifty,

The Shipping from Holland is 30 Euros and then you Add the Dutch VAT for export at 25%. At the current Euro Rate this works out at approx £131.00

UKPPG are the UK and Ireland Importers for this product and they offer this same device for £99.00 including VAT and UK delivery to your door.

http://www.ukppg.com/apps/webstore/prod ... ow/2997863

UKPPG also offer the Fuel Management System for £149.00 also including VAT and P&P

http://www.ukppg.com/apps/webstore/prod ... ow/2997870

Hope this helps Ifty


Hi guys,

I've come across this fuel gauge gadget and was wondering if anyone has used it. It's 99 euro + shipping. What do you think? Or if you can suggest an alternative one which you have personally used. Thanks.

http://www.parapilots.nl/en/contributor ... nk-sensor/

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Still doesen't take a rocket scientist to work out your burn rate... Calibrated tank and a mirror- keep it simple, light and inexpensive, with 100% reliability.

Spend your money on fuel, fly more, get more experience.

At straight/level flight your burnrate will be pretty constant.

Its best to check the flight duration first, estimate you're fuel level- then check the tank so that if there are any abnormalities you will know.

Blind faith in some technologies is sometimes not the best answer.


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Thanks for all your help guys. Nigel... didn't know you sold it to be honest or else i would have rang you first. I'll get a few more hours of flying under my belt and see how it all goes. Maybe I'll manage without it and need only a mirror like Gordon has said. All advice taken aboard.

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I have no trouble seing my fuel level with a mirror and a bit of string on my Bailey... If i need to make 100% of my level i use a little bit of fuel die in the tank and makes it 100% better.. I also use my camera and zoom in to the photo to look at the level.

I have never run out of fuel even after doing some rather long XC's :wink:

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morgy, i'll try the mirror but i have my doubts, i aint got no fuel dye but that would make it more visible, the goddam tube is so tiny and now slightly discoloured with age i have to squint and shake when on the ground..... :?

neilzy, the plastic ball is an excellent idea, would have to be a very small ball though, i'm off to find one :D

Check any plastic ball you find to make sure it's safe to be immersed in petrol first. You don't want a dissolved lump of fondue like gunge blocking up your carb! :shock:

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