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  1. Sorry - Couldnt post in the for sale section Parajet Zenith Thor 200 in custom red anodising, PWK carby, Helix 130 carbon prop (plus unused spare Helix worth £300) Parajet reserve pocket, Cameleon throttle and standard type included, plus spare spars/hoop pieces, flash starter etc, 15 - 20 trouble free hrs! Bargain - £4300 (pick up only- Reading) 50 Gallon Stanley tool box (worth £80) included
  2. Oh, and to answer your question. It might not idle without a prop on.. Belt driven, clutchless jobs ie: Moster do use the prop as a flywheel, so it might idle like a bag of spanners.. (if at all)
  3. Totally agree with Stu. Same Thor 200. Run it at idle (1200rpm max) without the prop on to get some warmth into it and bubbles out of the system. Much safer There is a chance you could do some damage if you revved the nutz off it, but summat would have had to have fallen off for it to do that, then i'd be double glad I haven't got the prop on it! Some engines (Flymec for example) need to be idled for at least 10mins to get their water cooling circulating... (they don't have a pump) I'd love to know how you would invalidate a warranty?? Unless someone grassed you up of course!
  4. Never flown a Fusion but I have always thought that the GTX was more of a toned down GTR, with lower roll rate and less tendency to dive in turns (locked in spiral stylee) I'd definitely advise you to test fly a GTX first as they are different to more conventional wings, but a lot of fun though!
  5. Still no GTX or GTR manuals yet... I think we are supposed to be experienced enough, so as not to need one A rigging table would be nice tho'...
  6. No they are not the same castings, but the designs are very similar... Polini's new Thor 190 is a step back imho.... Single cylinder lightweight with belt drive. Light powerful and simple design, but with enough vibes to keep my dentist happy into his retirement. The Thor200 is a lovely engine, smooth and powerful, but has a nasty tendency to go bang without without warning plus its a bit heavy. The customer service from Polini is also woeful (see Thor200 FB group!). Paul's Hornet looks great on paper, and the early reports are looking good. It ticks all the right boxes for me
  7. Looks like he's gone full circle to me Bailey fitted with a French JPX320 or 330 boxer from 6-7 yrs ago (?). Loads of power but VERY heavy. The new Hornet looks light AND hopefully with power to match All good and is a welcome step away from the Moster / Thor / Minari clones.
  8. Is it wedged? If not then pull the clylinder back up very carefully. You should be able to compress the rings carefully with your fingers and slide the cylinder down over the piston and rings.. If it keeps getting stuck then some neat 2-stroke oil on the rings and bore will help let it slide When you tighten the cylinder head bolts up you must torque them to the new nM settings in the latest manual Its available on the Polini site as the Polini 130 / 200 manual. If you havent got a mini torque wrench the beg/borrow/steal one If you can, get the motor pressure tested for leaks. If you have used the 'official' metal base gasket it can be a weak area for air leaks and this could cause a lean run and a holed piston. HTH! Rich P.S Or send it back to Parajet!!
  9. After reading this I wouldnt go anywhere near one TBH http://www.paraglidingforum.com/viewtopic.php?t=57506 Ah. but our dutch friend has gone to play with his motorcycle before we could warn him... Oh well..
  10. Those craaazy Dutch/Belwegians never do have a sense of humour...
  11. Tell me about it m8... They say its custom and confidential, so will not give it out to anyone (even to PJ!) I've got a guy in Nottingham who could measure the needle for us as he is setting up his own needle manufacturing jig for racing, but I haven't sent it yet as the HKK works so well as a direct replacement.
  12. I run a Keihin HKK needle, cos Polini in 'their' wisdom will not give out the needle dims.. Gives us a starting point to start playing with different needle sizes. Only problem is trying to find the more obscure needle sizes from the tuning vendors without having to pay a fortune. Friend of mine with a Supa-Tuna fitted has also re-profiled his needle after some experimentation and got his running great
  13. Cheers Pete I'm guessing thats the MGL Velocity E1. How deep is it and where do you mount it? Nice bit of kit tho I'm with you on the metal on metal.. I was one of the first uptakers of the squish mod when it was first advised by Stef... I've had the 'official' gasket and reed mod sent, but haven't bothered to fit them, as so far my motor seems fine (fingers crossed) Rich
  14. Thanks Peteb! Forever on the ball!
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