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  1. Paramotors are overpriced as it is IMO. Then they want you to buy an upgrade kit to preplace the poor quality parts they supplied. Get your money back, the product supplied is not fit for purpose.
  2. Can’t believe it was 4 years ago Dave. Hope you are well.
  3. Sounds a good idea, but how is a tilt switch set up on a paramotor so that it will only function on the ground and not when you are flying? I can easily see a lot of times when your paramotor is at steep angles in flight. It was just an idea. Would work well in a school environment. In flight, when centrifugal force comes into play, a mercury switch might work ok. I personally would not want anything attached to one finger.
  4. When things start going tits up you can have as many safety devices as you like, but in the heat of the moment nobody will use them. What’s needed is something you don’t have to think about. A simple cheap as chips TILT SWITCH connected to ground out the coil. Can be set at any angle and only cost a couple of quid.
  5. One of the best sounding 2 strokes I’ve heard is the Kobra Rocco
  6. Never bother checking fuel level. The old gal holds 4 gallon!
  7. Just a quick heads up. The component often overlooked when trying to sort out an engine problem is the CDI, usually because the engine still runs, so the CDI must be OK? What can and does go wrong is the inbuilt advance/retard. It will fail either of two ways. If the CDI fails fully retarded, you’re lucky, but you could end up thinking fuel or wiring problem. Or if it fails fully advanced, it will eat pistons for breakfast. If you cannot 100% find the cause of a blown piston check the CDI. Substitution is the quickest and safest way, failing that use timing light. Fortunately a lot of units share the same CDI so they are readily available. Parajet is a local source. Failure is not a regular occurrence, but worth putting on the engine problem checklist.
  8. http://dtpropellers.com/ . Good quality and price. Works as well as the original.
  9. Just put a search in for bobbin mounts. You may be lucky to find some in your area. Be careful to get the correct Shore rating (hardness of the rubber). Best to take your old one along.
  10. Good to see you down the field Sunday Carl. Thanks for the link. I was looking for an original prop and have since found one. Shipped from USA and still saved £80.00. Good old rip-off UK! Am seeing a guy tomorrow about the cage (titanium). Am in Cambridge next Sunday but weather permitting should see you soon at the field. Kev
  11. Does anyone know where I can get my prop duplicated?
  12. Have you tried Marston airfield just outside the town of Market Harborough. Don’t know anything about them, maybe worth a call. Another good one. Flying fish paramotors in notts. Great guy, and you won’t get ripped off.
  13. Bright spark.should have gone to spec-savers.
  14. You can get higher capacity batteries BL-5C for the Contour up to 2430mah on eBay.
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